Sculptures at Maria Hietzing  

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Sculptures at Maria Hietzing
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The church Maria Hietzing has its origins back to the 13th century. A small chapel-mentioned in a document of the year 1253 had been built here- next to a ford crossing the river “Vienna” which had been already used by the Romans. The chapel was devastated more than once, especially hard in the year 1529, during the siege of Vienna by the Turks. In 1683 the church was totally destroyed during a second siege of Vienna by Turks. The victory over the enemy Turks filled the heart of the citizens with joy and gratitude and so the Baroque restoration was taken up with enthusiasm. The convent of Klosterneuburg (owner of the church since the 13th century) and the imperial family were both in part responsible for the restoration. In 1690 the restoration was complete. The church was also significantly damaged during the bomb raids of World War II but were eventually repaired by the convent of Klosterneuberg and the parishioners. The famous Viennese empress Maria Theresia was known to visit the church regularly during her stays at Schoenbrunn Palace. Here you can see a detail shot of that church.


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07/26/07 8:21 AM GMT
Sabine, thanks for this wonderful educating story. About your image I like to say this: personally I have found out that capturing of sculptures can be extreme difficult. Mostly sculptures have a somewhat grey colour and that needs a good contrasting background for a good image. I've tried to capture sculptures even when there was a lack of a contrasting background and I've found out later that I had to smash them into the 'dustbin'. I think tour image shows to a certain extend what I try to say. The left part is wonderful because there is a good contrast with the background. The right part, however, is not that interesting because of the lack of a (good) background. Please understand me well, in that situation I couldn't have make a better image. More important is that I have respect for showing us a part of your wonderful culture and if a part of your image is, due to the circumstances, maybe not that wonderful, than it is a minor detail to me. Thanks & regards, Cornelius
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07/26/07 8:25 AM GMT
Great capture and perspective view...Thanks for sharing...
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07/26/07 10:30 AM GMT
I must thank you for such a nice presentation of a detail of the church Maria Hietzing..very nicely done...but also for the interesting informations on it! ...Great work, Sabine!!
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07/26/07 2:23 PM GMT
Love the history & the picture both Sabine! Excellent shot of these fine looking statues! C):-)
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07/26/07 2:29 PM GMT
This is a very interesting shot, Sabine. I like the way the frame is divided up into six distinct columns, and your deep blue skies are always a pleasure to view.
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07/26/07 2:30 PM GMT
this is looking good Sabine, like the angle and compo very much
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07/26/07 6:58 PM GMT
wow they are so amazingly clean and detailed. what a shot missus!!!! love it!
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07/26/07 7:01 PM GMT
I'm not crazy about the lighting (thats okay, it's midday, thats expected), but it's very well composed. nice job
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07/26/07 9:47 PM GMT
You do such a wonderful job on these Sabine. This is really excellent. Great job on the presentation. >< sandi ♪ ♫
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I really enjoy hearing from my caedes friends.
07/27/07 3:24 AM GMT
You have such a wonderful city, Sabine! I love the detail on old churches and's so amazing that they could create these so long ago and they're still with us today. The sunlight does splash a glare on things in the right of the photo, but I still like this very much.
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08/05/07 4:56 PM GMT
Great history and a Beautiful capture with Nice composition.
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08/25/07 12:22 AM GMT
thanks for the info :) i love the reflection on the side glass ! one of my favorites indeed.
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