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The castle, in Carinthia, Austria, was first mentioned documentarily in 860. 1209 the Spanheims bestowed upon the family of Osterwitz the hereditary office of the cup-bearer. The last cup-bearer of Osterwitz was caught in a Turkish invasion and died in prison, without leaving descendants. Hochosterwitz goes back to the sovereign, Emperor Frederic III. King Ferdinand I. pawned Osterwitz to the governor Christof Khevenhüller. In 1570 Baron George Khevenhüller who equally was governor, acquired the citadel by purchase, fortifying it against the menacing Turkish invasions, provided it with an armoury and hat the 14 gates built from 1570-1586. Such a fortress-way, secured at so many sides, cannot only be counted among the greatest rarities, but does also represent a unique thing in citadel-construction. An old document enumerates the names of each gate. Since that time no essential changes have taken place in the building. The fortress has been up to our days continually a property of the Khevenhüller. A disposal left by the builder George Khevenhüller dating from the year 1576 which can be read on a marble plate in the yard, expresses the wish to keep the citadel in the possession of the descendants, who should care for it. And this wish has always remained a holy legacy for the family Khevenhüller.


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08/15/07 10:29 AM GMT
beautiful shot Sabine good clearity and colors:))
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08/15/07 12:29 AM GMT
It is entirely amazing to have a structure as old as this still amoung us... It really is humbling. I'm curious as to what that chute looking thing below the funnel looking thing is - (sounds like grown up talk, no? :0) I'll have to look this lovely castle up on the net... Thanks Sabine, wonderful post.. ~Mary~
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08/15/07 2:00 PM GMT
This is a lovely clear shot! i like it alot and the history is interesting too, a wonderful place, did you go inside??
That sky is lovely.
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08/15/07 2:44 PM GMT
Ah, what a shot of history! The colors are so rich and warm. What an amazing view this is too. The narrative is very interesting as well. It is quite old.
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08/15/07 4:40 PM GMT
great photo, and a nice look sky. they go well together. the blue sky fighting those dark clouds is very cool.

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08/15/07 5:19 PM GMT
Hi Sabine,this is great.Excellent colours and clarity,and the narrative is very good too.I peeped into your gallery too and wow, it has really have some great work work in there.Thanks for sharing and all the best...Tony.
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08/15/07 7:20 PM GMT
What a Fantastic history,Sabine..Wonderful capture of a Wonderful castle..Love it..
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08/15/07 9:06 PM GMT
Great narrative of this very nice place. I really like the lighting Sabine. >< sandi ♪ ♫
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I really enjoy hearing from my caedes friends.
08/15/07 9:08 PM GMT
Sabine, very nice image. Cirmcumstances don't enable to comment on images the coming days. Regards, Cornelius
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08/16/07 12:24 AM GMT
Excellent work, Sabine! Great colors.
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08/16/07 1:34 AM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to give us the rich history of this place. As I got to near the end of the narrative, I was wondering if it had fallen into the hands of some government officials, but it's a good thing this family line continued on for so long ...great shot, and a very interesting look behind the scenes :)

♥PJ 005

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08/16/07 3:05 AM GMT
Wow, what a strong and beautiful image with such a rich history. Perfect presentaion Sabine.
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08/16/07 11:11 PM GMT
The threatening skys really set this image off and the angle you got on it works perfectly. Very nice -

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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
08/17/07 3:48 PM GMT
What a long and interesting history this place has Sabine! - just do not ask me any questions because I won't remember it! lol! It also amazes me how they built this buildings/castles on the edge of steep rocks and cliffs! excellent capture Sabine!
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08/18/07 3:13 PM GMT
Very good shot, nice colors
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08/18/07 4:46 PM GMT
A grand and large castle indeed, the narative made interesting reading, what a history.
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