I see you  

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Uploaded: 08/25/07 7:50 AM GMT
I see you
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Please, dont be shy, telling me, if you do not like anything. I love that moment between the horse and the little girl, but Chris not so much. He says, there is not enough of the little girl on the image, he even thought in the first moment, its another horse. But I only see, how the horse is looking at her. Please tell me your true feelings.


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08/25/07 8:19 AM GMT
In small size you can see that she is a little girl, but in full size not quite much,but.. I really like the quality of the image(the natural soft colours and the details) and the scene is truly lovely!! :)
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08/25/07 9:13 AM GMT
Sabine, think your image depicts very well the friendship between the little girl and the horse. I'm honest by saying that the image, to me, would be even better when it was taken at some more distance. The little girl could be seen than somewhat better, so enhancing your image. Don't know whether this possibilty existed or not. Anyhow a lovely and wonderful image. Regards, Cornelius
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08/25/07 12:58 AM GMT
It looks like the horse is really paying attention to what the little girl is saying. Very good.
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Sorry that I haven't been commenting more. Just got lazy? But I did look at most of them. And again, thanks to all of you for your comments on mine. Steve
08/25/07 3:13 PM GMT
I think it's truly wonderful and by being this close you were able to get such a good close up of the look in the horses eye. Very touching image. >< . ♪ ♫ :)sandi ♪ ♫ ♪
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08/25/07 4:37 PM GMT
I think this is really heartwarming Sabine - the look in the horses eye even in thumbnail shows a connection with the little girl! very touching! love it! ...and putting it into my favourites!
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08/25/07 4:49 PM GMT
I love it! The horse is studying the little girl intently you can tell. Real nice Sabine! C):-)
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08/25/07 5:11 PM GMT
Well, in my humble opinion it was a moment to catch quickly and you absolutely, spoton, got that intent look of tenderness in that pony's eye. It's an image full of emotion Sabine - wonderful... I think it's not so much about the child.... ~Mary~
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08/25/07 6:32 PM GMT
I agree Patti..This is so heartwarming..Lovely capture,Sabine..
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08/25/07 7:55 PM GMT
That the horse's head is bowed down and he is looking to the side is enough indication that some small person has caught his attention and he is curious about it. I love the story this warm image tells about the relationship between two innocent members of creation. I love the shot.
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08/26/07 12:21 AM GMT
I love this shot. it's a good detailed close-up. nice lighting too!

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08/26/07 12:39 AM GMT
I honestly love this Sabine and I'll tell you why: exactly what you mentioned, it's the look in the horse's eyes. Without that lighting it wouldn't have been captured. The sunlight and the gentleness of his glance at her is what I like. At least that's my opinion but I can also understand Chris's perspective too. Great shot my dear!
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08/26/07 12:52 AM GMT
I'm late to this post, but I'm glad I'm here and didn't miss it. I guess all things being equal and every single shot could be perfect all the time, then we'd be able to catch the gleam in the horse's eye and a fuller view of the little girl who seems to be the object of his/her attention. It's possible that the girl has an apple or a lump of sugar in her hand, and that is what is attracting all that attention, but I'd like to think not, and because this is not a perfect world, this shot fits in beautifully and I love it just the way you caught it :)

♥PJ 005

EDIT : Sorry, Chris !!!
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08/26/07 10:09 PM GMT
Like Chris, on first glance, I thought this was two horses side by side because the girl's hair is similarly tawny (though much smoother, of course).

I liked the unusual perspective and the pronounced texture of the horse's main and coat so I looked longer. It was only when I followed the horse's gaze to the little girl that I realized a second species was involved -- and laughed. At myself, I guess. So often I look but do not see (that's what's made me take up photography, in fact, the desired to SEE).

So while I shared Chris's initial experience, I came out of it with a different opinion. I think the subtle presence of the little girl adds a great deal and transforms the picture into a story in a way that a more pronounced presence would not.

It's a truly excellent, exceptional, delightful photograph, Blumie.

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08/28/07 4:51 PM GMT
An interesting and unique perspective and very touching with the closeness of the girl and horse...lovely warm lighting too...nicely done.:Pat.
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