The Brain  

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Uploaded: 01/06/07 3:31 AM GMT
The Brain
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Tierazon fractal.


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01/06/07 4:51 AM GMT
Now, Kat...this is The Brain...hmm..I sure wish my synapses would fire up like that when I'm trying to think of new ways to create it and the implications that are hidden therein :)


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01/06/07 5:04 AM GMT
Oh, I'm really like this shade. Bright but strong....Nice job!!
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01/06/07 11:20 AM GMT
The design does resemble a brain...Nice colors too...
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01/06/07 12:26 AM GMT
this is your brain on acid.
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01/06/07 12:46 AM GMT
Nice job - hope my brain is this attractive. Reminds me of those coloured brain scans, too, showing the different parts of the brain as they are active or inactive. I'm a bit worried about the apparent holes in this brain, but if it were a scan maybe those bits are just currently inactive...

Great colours, as usual, in a very pretty design.

- cfr
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01/06/07 9:54 PM GMT
What great colors! thanks so much for sharing!
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