1 vs 15  

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Uploaded: 06/07/07 12:21 AM GMT
1 vs 15
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Experimenting again with a short DOF


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06/07/07 12:50 AM GMT
I like the creativity here. You aren't kidding about a shallow DOF. What would it look like if you had the 15 balls in focus and the cue ball out of focus?
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06/07/07 12:51 AM GMT
nicely done

now, stop showing off, you're scaring the children

I love the line on the table felt that shows just how shallow the DOF is
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06/07/07 1:00 AM GMT
I agree. I like this shot. We love pool.
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06/07/07 1:19 AM GMT
Unreal how short it is. You really notice when you look at the line on the table that is in focus. Very cool shot.
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06/07/07 3:47 AM GMT
At first I wanted to say that it was a little too short...but the more I look at it, the more I like it just the way it is. I really like how the rest of the balls almost blend together. Great job!!
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06/07/07 12:06 AM GMT
Very nicely done, a very effective shot - great execution 8)
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06/07/07 3:38 PM GMT
This is pretty cool - nice and simple and makes for a good background. The top of the white ball is a bit overexposed but otherwise everything looks great.
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06/08/07 1:41 AM GMT
Fantastic shot, very creative. I like very much the color balls in the background, seems that they have own light.
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06/08/07 3:16 AM GMT
Excellent job with the control of the DOF...I have a lot to learn from looking at this pic.


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06/12/07 5:07 AM GMT
Very cool picture...I would suggest a bit longer DOF to give the balls in the background a bit more clarity, but still keeping them in a blur.
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06/17/07 3:08 PM GMT
Dude, I am so impressed with your photos, Nice work.
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12/17/07 7:19 PM GMT
7 ball, corner pocket... :) Great shot bro!
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