Renovating The Parthenon  

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Uploaded: 12/10/07 5:03 AM GMT
Renovating The Parthenon
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The Parthenon on The Acropolis, Athens, Greece


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12/10/07 8:07 AM GMT
When I was there, I found the scaffolding annoying and was not satisfied with any of my pictures because of the scaffolding and other obvious sign of renovation. You however have managed to work around that and make this photo really work. I think the dark/overcast-ness of the whole image is what does the trick. Anywho, great photo!
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12/10/07 2:34 PM GMT
This shot is ace. Dramatic sky and subject, contrast between sky and subject, new and old, angle is great. Seems like your trip was productive for good photos - can't wait to see the rest!
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12/11/07 1:54 AM GMT
Now there's a job I wouldn't want to trust to just anyone. I mean taking a photo of such a place while it's in the throes or restoration. You've done an excellent job of presenting its best side under not the best of circumstances.

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12/13/07 10:06 PM GMT
Wonderful shot, great angle and very dramatic sky
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12/17/07 3:05 AM GMT
What a spactaular comp on this and and amazing grey sky, setting the theme of a darkend era.
Another fave!
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12/25/07 8:08 AM GMT
Excellent ... excellent shot Matt.

And fortunately ... and timely, as well ... just in time for the 'big day' ... I can't think, nor see of a way to improve upon your visual offering here.

Yep, lucky for you ... this is your 'reading assignment' from me this go round. :oP

Save this ... Merry Christmas Matt, hope the day is kind to you. :o)

Nice work behind the lens.
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03/05/08 8:23 PM GMT
Definitely smth different to the touristic snapshots, doesn't focus on the beauty of Acropolis but instead on the restoration works and makes a good point... Different, I like it.
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