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Uploaded: 12/16/11 3:49 AM GMT
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He's a Ram,his name is Dodge. He's young so he's only a 2 wheel drive. When he grows up he will be a 4 wheeler.


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12/16/11 4:05 AM GMT
Nice, clear shot.. makes for a very nice portrait of this fine beast.

Good good detail, as well.


Suggestion, more so.

Go back with a Soft Brush/Burn Tool on a separate/duplicate Layer.. with respect to and in around the outline of the ram ... and employing a very low setting for Exposure (1%? 2%? to start) ... Burn in the area to blend it some more. (Some 'haloing' has crept into the image.)

Going through the options of Highlights, Mid-tones, and that of Shadows.. individually. See which or what combination works best to your eyes (erhm.. eye?).

That said..

Nice one. :o)

p.s. Took a third look.. have another suggestion, 'cause.. well, you know ... I am full of them. :oP

Selective Colour Adjustment Layer.

Seems to me that you already have the ram selected and separated (unless it is the change in Contrast that I am detecting ... if so, should be very easy to make a selection of the ram itself).

So.. working with the background only ... choose the Neutrals ... add some White. Might even be more preferable to the above suggestion of using the Burn Tool.

Guessing that you did this in HDR and in turn, lost some of the White of the background snow in the process.
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12/16/11 4:07 AM GMT
p.p.s. Forget the Selective Colour Adjustment. Just noticed that I had my monitor's brightness and contrast turned down.

See? Told ya.. fulllll of ... 'stuff'.

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12/16/11 7:16 AM GMT
Looks like a double horner too!...'Beep-Beep'! .. lol

Looks bloody good to me pal...I'd hate to be on the receiving end!
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12/16/11 8:01 AM GMT
Thanks Les I'll send the pic to you and you can take care of it...I gots things to do. :-)
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12/16/11 12:25 AM GMT
Hey Jerry, very nice portrait of this young'n I like the story you put to it as well. :) =^..^=Tigs
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/16/11 12:51 AM GMT
Super capture.
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12/16/11 3:37 PM GMT
Four wheeler, huh? Don't forget that Hemi Power! LOL...Nice capture...faved...
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12/17/11 2:52 AM GMT
Excellent capture.
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12/17/11 3:40 AM GMT
Has an elegant pose with very nice details. Love the minimal background complimenting it. Light in his eye is a pleasure to see. Saved to look at more.
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12/17/11 2:17 PM GMT
Excellent capture of this fine Ram. He will indeed grow to be a magnificent 4 wheeler!!
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12/19/11 10:12 PM GMT
He is young,and looks so Proud.Beautiful portrait,Jerry.
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12/24/11 5:30 PM GMT
Jerry - Excellent photography!! Thad
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