Psyco West Coast Choppers  

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Uploaded: 01/23/06 12:03 AM GMT
Psyco West Coast Choppers
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Thanks again to .cgImagery in allowing me to re-work / play with his original The After Effect . I just loved the colors and wanted to see what other great forms I could come up with.


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01/23/06 4:26 PM GMT
Wow!! Another great one.. You should play like this more often..
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One bead at a time
01/23/06 5:43 PM GMT
Great..and cool
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01/23/06 8:04 PM GMT
Hey I like this :D It turned out great! I'm really glad you decided to work on the image :D I really like this! did you get it like this? filters?
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01/24/06 1:17 AM GMT
Wow! Very cool Randy!! Great job to the both of you!!..=)
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01/25/06 2:38 AM GMT
wow randy this is wild and beautiful. Great image to start from cgImagery you put quite a bang in it. good job
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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious" --Albert Einstein

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