Misguided Familiar  

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Uploaded: 06/29/06 9:26 AM GMT
Misguided Familiar
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Just a little something different...


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06/29/06 11:19 AM GMT
Great macro. Is this the back of *Mangolicious* ? Very well done.
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06/29/06 1:05 PM GMT
Great macro Randy. I like the way that the flowers are scattered all over the place. I also like the way the petals merge from one colours into the other colour. Great photograph
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06/29/06 2:05 PM GMT
Now that a great shot... wonderful angle... great composition and the colour is perfect... fantastic shot...
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06/29/06 2:13 PM GMT
Love that shot Randy with the barn as background....very homey looking. I feel like I'm about to run down a flower strewn hill into yesterday. A very charming photo !
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06/29/06 3:13 PM GMT
A fantastic shot Randy. This really has a country feel to it with the old barn in the background & the flowers scattered here & there. Great colors & a very nicely composed image. Bravo!
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06/29/06 3:57 PM GMT
I join the chorus of accolades for this photo. Off into my faves it goes, for all the reasons cited above. May your day be one of harmony and balance.
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06/29/06 8:28 PM GMT
Ya done good Randy,GREAT shot sooooo clear. is that your still back there. lol
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06/29/06 8:59 PM GMT
Randy - I love this picture. It's a gorgeous flower with beautiful color and what makes it special is definitely the barn. There are a million flower pictures out there (at least 100,000 of them are mine), but this is definitely one of my favorites because it's unique. I just wish you could have gotten the flower head-on. Not much you can do about the direction it grows though, huh? Beautiful!
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06/29/06 10:45 PM GMT
Cool shot Randy! is that an old barn back there??? lol
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06/30/06 12:42 AM GMT
Plenty to recommend this wonderful image such as color,DOF,and composition.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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06/30/06 12:52 AM GMT
WOW! One of the best flower shots I've seen in awhile Randy. The blurred sheds in the background just anchors this so well. Superb photography !
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06/30/06 4:32 PM GMT
This is an excellent shot. The colors make me think of autumn. I'll definately be adding this to my favorites. Good work!
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07/01/06 8:15 PM GMT
I love this one, Randy! Everything about it is just excellent!
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07/16/06 10:21 AM GMT
Nice shot Randy ....Good work
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06/26/10 3:33 PM GMT
Great job on this beautiful posting. Wonderful colours and DOF. I love the angle you've chosen to capture it from.
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