Sunsets On Empire  

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Uploaded: 07/15/06 12:20 AM GMT
Sunsets On Empire
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My 2nd attempt at posting a sunset. Again no foreground to create depth, sorry. I'll remember that for next time though. Also I had no pop-tarts or raisins to work with (inside joke). 8~D


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07/15/06 2:14 PM GMT
I like it just the way it is. Great colors, very eerie..=)
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07/15/06 4:14 PM GMT
I think it's great, Randy. Beautiful moody sky.
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07/15/06 5:16 PM GMT
Beautiful sunset Randy. Love the colors on the sky. Great work.
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07/15/06 6:13 PM GMT
No foreground, you say?? I see some...and me likes it!!
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07/15/06 6:24 PM GMT
Now this is gorgeous :)
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07/15/06 7:22 PM GMT
Love it Randy! The clouds in front of it really finish it off well. ;)
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07/15/06 8:11 PM GMT
A gorgeous sunset Randy .... looks like the sky is on fire. I love it.
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07/15/06 9:19 PM GMT
Great job Randy, don't apologize until you see how it does.
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07/15/06 10:09 PM GMT
I agree Randy- Don't knock it yet. Very fiery sunset that just illuminates the heat from earlier in the day. Nice shot.
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07/15/06 11:08 PM GMT
Amazing, I've never seen a sunset quite like this one not even on this site,thank you for this one.
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07/16/06 8:26 PM GMT
Very nice work. Your attention focuses immediatly to the sun and the radiance of colors eminating from the source.
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07/17/06 1:18 AM GMT
Amazing colors in that sky Randy! Beautiful capture!! Carol
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07/17/06 3:43 AM GMT
Beautiful sunset you have captured and this is another for the favs. Great work
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07/17/06 10:10 PM GMT
Completely beautiful capture here! Very serene.
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07/19/06 4:21 AM GMT
Nice HOT red! Beautiful sunset!
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07/26/06 3:22 AM GMT
I wanna know the inside joke....:)
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07/28/06 5:01 AM GMT
WOW.. what gorgeous coloured sky... very nice
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