Seahorse On Land  

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Uploaded: 07/18/06 11:01 PM GMT
Seahorse On Land
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This little booger just reminded me of a seahorse...


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07/18/06 11:12 PM GMT
I love it. Insects are a facsinating subjects. We generaly pass them by without seeing them so to photograph them forces us to see the macro world.

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07/18/06 11:21 PM GMT
I had to look twice, but yes it does resemble a sea horse. The green on green is very striking. A fantastic shot Randy ... very nicely done.
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07/18/06 11:32 PM GMT
I really like this Randy. It's looking right at you- Excellent capture and placement. It's so cute!
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07/18/06 11:56 PM GMT
I love it. It does resemble a seahorse :) Ones again a superb macro. You are so good on this macro pictures. Excellent work again.
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07/19/06 12:05 AM GMT
Weird looking bugger...Neat capture...
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07/19/06 12:14 AM GMT
Randy, dear friend,
One of the names of this insect in Polish = little field horse !!!!
"Konik polny" if you wish to see it ...LOL
Thanks although green is not a colour which I find too becoming for a person with my complexion ... LOL
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
07/19/06 1:07 AM GMT
Funny lil seahorse you got there. Nice pic!
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07/19/06 1:24 AM GMT
Great macro of this little critter! Well done Randy..=)
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07/19/06 1:32 AM GMT
It looks sorta like a phasmid ! Nice shot.
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07/19/06 1:50 AM GMT
Nice shot, Randy. Well done.
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07/19/06 2:24 AM GMT
Yeah, he does look like a seahorse. I'm amazed you didn't scare him off!
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07/19/06 2:50 AM GMT
Beautiful beautiful macro shot Randy, undenianably one of your best. Kudos to you my friend.
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07/19/06 3:29 AM GMT
He wouldn't have reminded me of anything for long. Have a good one buddy. Oh and nice job.
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07/19/06 8:28 AM GMT
Hummmmmmmm nice macro Randy!! but...seem to have misplaced my seahorse
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07/19/06 9:07 AM GMT
This is a great capture.Jason
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07/19/06 5:51 PM GMT
I keep seeing bug photos that all look pretty much the same -- dime a dozen. This one stands out because it's a very unusual and pleasing perspective and the crisp macro is a defintie plus.
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07/20/06 12:59 AM GMT
hahaha : he was staring at you, thinking: This Guy reminds me of .....?"

Cute bug shot!
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07/20/06 3:26 PM GMT
Absolutely awesome shot! This little fella looks surprised to have his photo taken. I got the chance to vote on this, 10/10 from me.
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07/21/06 3:05 PM GMT
Very cool shot Randy! His green actually manages to stand out amongst the green background! Excellent work, once again! Carol
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07/28/06 5:46 AM GMT
WOW.. what a fantastic closeup shot... you can see all his little spikey things and bumps... excellent work Randy
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