Swan Lake III  

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Uploaded: 05/12/08 1:19 AM GMT
Swan Lake III
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Another, 2 different species of swan from Swan Lake in Sumter S.C A Royal White Mute Swan, and The Trumpeter . . . . . The Trumpeter Swans breed in North America, southern interior Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Generally they remain in the breeding area until the water is frozen. Alaska's population of Trumpeter Swans will migrate to the coast of British Columbia. The female lays four to eight white eggs. Their nests are made from sedge and other aquatic plants on top of muskrat lodges surrounded by water. Occasionally theses nests are on marshy ground far from the open water. The incubation period for the eggs is from 33-37 days. The Trumpeter is known for its unique call.


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05/12/08 2:27 AM GMT
Jonathan, I really enjoy this wonderful series. They are so beautiful as is the reflections. sandi ♪ ♫
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
05/12/08 10:09 AM GMT
wow, they are quite different, i wonder if they are a pair of if they are just buddies! love the reflections too.
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05/12/08 12:12 AM GMT
Hard to go wrong shooting Swans.
Fine Post.

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05/12/08 2:28 PM GMT
Absolutely Beautiful! Love the color contrast, and swans are not so easy to photograph!
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Well-behaved women seldom make history.
05/12/08 6:01 PM GMT
This is really lovely, Jon. The reflections, especially, add an elegant, kind of dreamy quality, almost as if the swans were floating in a daydream.
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"If I dream I shall be real, or really myself..." Robert Penn Warren
05/13/08 4:21 AM GMT
Such a beautiful shot, Jonathan. The water looks so wonderful and getting two different!
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05/13/08 4:33 PM GMT
Very nice swans,it's a very good picture.
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05/13/08 6:23 PM GMT
It is the beautiful shot Jonathan. I like your presentation. Very good work! Marina
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05/18/08 9:27 PM GMT
How amazing to find the two different breeds together!
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