Fairy Wood  

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Uploaded: 06/01/10 8:54 AM GMT
Fairy Wood
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It's called "Bluebell Wood" .... there are Fairy painters!


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06/01/10 11:37 AM GMT
John - WIth a scene like this, I am surprised that there were not more artists, including photographers as yourself. I like this photo. Thad
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06/01/10 1:15 PM GMT
This scene could be a painting itself! Very lovely wih excellent composition.
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06/01/10 4:33 PM GMT
Oh John, first of all welcome back my friend!!! Second, being a painter myself, this is a most lovely photo!! How I would love to sit in a spot like that and paint!! Look at all that 'bloo'!!
I just adore it. And for you to capture the whole thing is just beautiful!! And that we can see part of their canvas is magical, I wish I could see them when they're finished, but this shot of yours will do just fine. The way you got the shadows on the field of flowers and just the right amount of tree trunks, well, it's fantastic!! Verena
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06/02/10 11:18 AM GMT
Really beautiful scene. The lighting adds a real touch of magic to this.
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06/04/10 1:12 PM GMT
Wonderful shot! Now this is a place filled with inspiration. Would love to be there in person. The painting shown is a keeper too by the way. Awesome work.

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