not quite 39....  

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Uploaded: 08/01/07 9:49 PM GMT
not quite 39....
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These are on the other side of the bridge i posted earlier!


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08/01/07 9:58 PM GMT
Those are eerie looking steps! The lighting and shaddows in the B/W give a big drama to the image. The alcoves give the feeling of age. Truely superb.

Ian :)
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08/01/07 10:03 PM GMT
Well I've gotten to the age where I enjoy going down steps more than going up steps. :) LOL But don't get me wrong......these are very nice steps. :)
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08/01/07 10:32 PM GMT
Let's see..I counted them, then I looked at the pic again and decided that you were, as I first suspected, speaking of the movie. Nicely composed and presented, Jan. :)

♥PJ 005

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08/01/07 11:28 PM GMT
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW striking contrast,and mind-blowing composition. +faves
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08/01/07 11:50 PM GMT
The steps sure look worn down. I thought the title had something to do with your age at first. lol There's a movie title by that name? The shot really makes the bridge and steps look very old. Beautiful job, Jan.
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08/02/07 12:43 AM GMT
great post in b&w...and yes would rather be going down than up...

your Nit!
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08/02/07 1:16 AM GMT
Blows me away and B&W to boot...I hope I get to vote on first 10!
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08/02/07 1:25 AM GMT
Less than 20 steps,
Beautiful black and white picture.
Great work.
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08/02/07 5:20 AM GMT
And where is the ghostie???? Wonderful chioce of perspective and the B/W is a smart one!
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08/02/07 6:02 AM GMT
Very eerie looking but a great shot. Well done.
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08/02/07 7:24 AM GMT
wonderful picture and a good choise to post it in b/w, looks a tiny dramatic in this way:))
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08/02/07 1:41 PM GMT
Stunning Jan.........nuff said.

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08/02/07 1:52 PM GMT
Great b/w shot - and a very spooky air about it. I am just going to bed - if I dream scary things about climbing and counting steps I shall know who to blame lol. I think it is the undisturbed leaves thatgive it the eerie look - as though no one has been that way for some time, except perhaps ghosties and ghoulies.
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08/02/07 5:57 PM GMT
i like air of mystery you have conveyed/created here.the framing is good wishes,simon.
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probably not always
08/02/07 10:21 PM GMT
Amazingly atmospheric - you are the most talented lady around :-)
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08/03/07 12:01 AM GMT
It's splendid Jan. I love the ambience and the air of neglect. The B&W and contrasts are stunning. :) + faves
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08/03/07 8:51 AM GMT
Very spooky yet vintage lookin shot.
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08/03/07 11:21 PM GMT
A reference to Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps", Jan? Great movie and a great image - love the b/w -

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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
08/04/07 3:27 AM GMT
Wonderful shot! Perfect use of B& looks really spooky, like Jack the Ripper might be around the corner...eeek :)
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08/06/07 7:28 AM GMT
Hey Jan,
This one is stunning, very mysterious with a striking mood, (~8
Very nicely done,

Thanks for sharing

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08/08/07 11:37 PM GMT
Very nice B&W shot. Great composition and interesting subject. Nice work!
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08/13/07 10:19 PM GMT
Also very stunning. This one has such a nice old feeling.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Goodbye.
08/13/07 10:37 PM GMT
Lovely posting, looks very old ;o)
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08/15/07 4:39 PM GMT
I really like the mysterious and BW atmosphere in this picture. Great capture!
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Been there, done that, took the picture!
10/05/07 11:13 AM GMT
Agree with Marloes comment. Congrats :-)
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12/17/07 11:21 AM GMT
It isn't Vienna, but one look a this photo and I got a flashback of the old Joseph Cotton film, "The Third Man". You've captured the same feel of mystery and intrigue. Well done.
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01/08/09 8:30 PM GMT
Amazing. I love shots of stairs.
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