Auntie's Ad  

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Uploaded: 11/16/06 11:23 AM GMT
Auntie's Ad
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A fantasy promotional theme for the "Auntie Madmaven's Baked Goodies" (LOL - Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk, Terri! :D) See Also: Auntie Madmaven's Boo-2Us


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11/16/06 11:44 AM GMT
LOL Ron - this is funny! Love the heels - neat design!
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It's all about perspective and perception.
11/16/06 12:48 AM GMT
Funny stuff!! I love it!!
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11/16/06 1:19 PM GMT
Great job remind me of my youth :) Well done.
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I'm way behind so forgive me for not commening on your individual posts but know that I've looked at all of them since I left. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita
11/16/06 3:50 PM GMT
I can see the Maven in them shoes?....Just imagine, her going of into her swamp land with these on, taking photies of her pet crocs eh!.....Great post mate.....
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11/16/06 9:57 PM GMT
Good stuff Ron , very funny and well put together .
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11/16/06 11:51 PM GMT
I hope Auntie doesn't wear those shoes when she is cooking. Another great graphic, Ron.
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11/18/06 12:48 AM GMT
hahaha: you've done it again....tsk-tsk!
This is adorable and I really, really love it! (hugs}

I apologize that I an unable to view & comment as frequently as I'd like to. I am having some hand/pain problems that are making it very hard to do these days. I will try to catch up asap./ MM
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11/28/06 1:44 AM GMT
Haha, I'll take a pair o' shoes like that! (Maybe not the color) I agree with Cynlee, lol. Great job.
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