Haunted Washer  

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Uploaded: 10/20/07 8:36 AM GMT
Haunted Washer
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"Maaa...That ghost woman is back in da washa again!!!" (LOL)....Another "spook" image...just love concocting them! I started with an image of a white washing machine front, recolored it, and created the "ghostly synchro swim routine" inside (LOL)! See Also: Halloween Chic...


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10/20/07 12:52 AM GMT
The first thing that crossed my mind was the bathtub scene in "The Shining". Interesting piece here, Ron.
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10/20/07 1:12 PM GMT
A disturbing capture Ron. :o(
Does anyone know a good catholic priest who does exorcisms ? hell mary muther of god........ lol
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Life's around said Phil the 35 millimetre cameraman. I recently went to the doctors, and said I've got icon fever, but he told me there was no cure for the disease. Flossies gallery's here
10/20/07 2:53 PM GMT
LOL, cool! Reminds me of Ghostbusters and their containment chamber.
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Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein
10/20/07 3:38 PM GMT
Lol..thatīs my Halloween image for the desktop! Thanks for sharing this creepy piece, I love it :-)
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10/20/07 4:07 PM GMT
I think it's the ghost of all my missing socks! :) Fun piece, Sir Ron!
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Hey there Mister Madman, wat'cha know that I don't know Tell me some crazy stories, let me know who runs this show Glassy-eyed and laughing, he turns and walks away Tell me what made you that way
10/20/07 6:19 PM GMT
funny and creative!...perfectly done!!
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10/20/07 6:56 PM GMT
aaah not a haunted washer...great work:)
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10/20/07 7:37 PM GMT
I worried about that person in the laundry machine, so I am glad to hear, thats already a ghost. She would be one after that wash, hmmm? Great idea, wonderful work on it.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Nothklamm
10/20/07 8:23 PM GMT are really having a great time with the Halloween theme, mister!! This is something I'd never have thought of in a million... :) saved this one !!!!

♫ :)PJ 005 ♪

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"I never looked for it, gave it no name; yet I knew it always, when the gift of peace came. I stood quite still for the moment that it lasted...Then the light shifted slightly and the moment passed, leaving me...with the lasting echo of its presence.." Diana Gabaldon
10/21/07 12:00 AM GMT
I think you've had a few of the "suds" to concoct this image. Looks like whoever it is, is going down for the third time. They'll probably be real "agitated" after the come to their senses. Good creative post Ron.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
10/21/07 4:44 AM GMT
Wicked imagination that you have Ron. LOL So well done, it looks real. Fantastic piece of work. + faves
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