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...This is my entry into the "Symnetry" contest, and doesn't balance also denote some kind of "symnetry"...and according to the astrologers, we are in the sign of Libra for about another two weeks...

...22nd September thru 23rd October...More info...

...No fonts used in this own lettering construction here...

See Also: Virgo...


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10/09/09 9:04 PM GMT
Oooh Ron, make that into a font! It's awesome! Great job on the glass effect too. Very nice :).
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SINCERE THANKS to everyone who visits, views and/or comments on my Gallery. I really appreciate your feedback!
10/09/09 10:08 PM GMT
I would have liked some white smoke coming out of the blue vessel! Good image and good luck in the contest!
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
10/10/09 1:40 AM GMT
I think this is a fine contest entry and good luck Ron. Your so very good at these. ♪ ♫ :)sandi♪ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/10/09 2:36 AM GMT
Great job with the font and the creation. Good luck in the contest. Your Yanks pulled one out again tonight Yogi.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
10/10/09 3:04 AM GMT
Great idea and execution, Ron...wish I'd thought of it...I should have...I live with 3 of those Libras...good luck.
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10/10/09 3:11 AM GMT
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
10/10/09 3:56 AM GMT
most excellent work Ron.. I lean toward the cool side..8-P best o' luck...=D
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Individual patriot first, Conservative second.. God Bless America...
10/10/09 4:26 AM GMT
Fantastic work on the lettering and design, Ron! Wonderful textures, colours and 3D FX! I think you might get requests for other zodiac signs after this :) Best of luck in the contest my friend! Faved+
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*Tea is a cup of life*
10/10/09 5:33 AM GMT
Wonderful creation, good luck in the contest Ron.
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10/10/09 12:47 AM GMT
Wonderful idea and excellent design...definitely a great entry in the contest!...Good luck,Maestro!
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10/10/09 2:13 PM GMT
I think this is a wonderful entry for the contest Ron! I love the balance and colors. Good Luck!
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10/11/09 3:01 PM GMT
You do some truly awesome work Ron. Top notch here again.

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10/12/09 4:49 PM GMT
That's my sign!!! Cool work Ron!!Great font's as well!!
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10/13/09 12:20 AM GMT
cool idea. hehe, i'm a libra. :P
Good luck in the contest1
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stupid humans.... My Gallery
10/14/09 3:51 PM GMT
Excellent interpretation of that zodiacal sign. Are you a Libra?
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