Wheel of Life - 2016  

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Uploaded: 06/24/16 12:39 AM GMT
Wheel of Life - 2016
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...A ten-pointed mixture of the Wiccan Pentacle and the Satanic Pentagram...Partially symbolic of my stepmother, who occasionally dabbled in Wiccanism, and my father, who had been a practicing Satanist before I was born...Although they did their own things, often dragging their children along for the ride (myself being the chief beneficiary - and some of it wasn't all that great), they did however, expose me to a wide variety of art, literature, music, and culture, which I utilize to this day...Over the years, I learned how to retain the good, and discard the bad...The best of both worlds, so to speak...The result is a totally different trail that I've managed to blaze myself...

...To me, the above is symbolic of the purposeful balance between what is seen as good, and also evil...A tightrope we all must walk...It's the price we pay for being human...

This post is also my 2400th, marking 200 complete pages within my gallery...My original intent was to stop @ 60 pages (long ago) - and go no further - but I say, "What the Hell?" (Ooops!) Might as well continue on...There's still a lot of stories in art yet to tell, both in fantasy, and reality...

But because I'm of flesh and blood, I have to say, "It's been one strange highway thus far!"

- Humanity...............SHEESH! :P :P :P


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06/24/16 8:13 PM GMT
Ron--I, like others I suppose, have noticed for a long time the direction in which you lean, however, until now, had no knowledge of the background from which you came...I would like to say, and I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching...'retain the good, and discard the bad'...cling tightly to the good...for I have no doubt that evil stalks this planet and it will only get progressively worse, deceptive, and insidious, before the final chapter of earth comes to a close...on another note, don't count the pages...keep have a very creative mind and great sense of are one of a kind and the site could use more like you...keep 'em coming my friend.
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If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.
06/25/16 11:38 PM GMT
I find your artwork intriguing so stay on the path and do keep them coming.
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