Artopolis Times - Clemency  

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Uploaded: 02/19/20 2:10 PM GMT
Artopolis Times - Clemency
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...Seldom do I post ones from this series "Back-to-Back", but I thought this current event was of SOME importance!

--- Given the nature of some of the individuals "sprung", my question is --- "WHY?"

(That's probably an inquiry going through the minds of many others, as well...) :P

(Image Source & Credits: NBC Newscenter 1)

"Back Issue": "ScOUTS"...


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02/19/20 7:47 PM GMT
Living here in Illinois I can guarantee that question is on many minds around here!!
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02/19/20 8:57 PM GMT
I wonder if a person changes their political party affiliation to the current administration while it prison, will it help to get pardoned? Hard to believe one man can have this much power in the judicial system.
Thanks for keeping us aware Perry "Yogi" White.


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