"They just came for the Hoola Gurrlzz!"  

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Uploaded: 05/22/20 4:11 PM GMT
"They just came for the Hoola Gurrlzz!"
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...Certainly NOT for the matchbooks, and with the way this year's Election in general is going, probably not the votes, either! :P

--- The next stop, according to the Calendar...

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05/22/20 7:01 PM GMT
I like the matchbook giveaway Yogi. Which candidate is the hottest right now? Depends on who you talk to.
I hope their election is on the up and up and there aren't too many absentee ballots, or someone might have a hissy fit.
Another good one on the no campaign trail.
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
05/23/20 11:21 AM GMT
Send some my way and I'll send you Wor-Lass!!..
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05/25/20 4:04 AM GMT
Votes! That is going to be the word of the year. I wonder how it will be all fair...hmmmm. Thinking might result in brain drain. Good drawing...I like your little map there.
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When fear comes to me I will stubbornly choose Faith Instead!!!!

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