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This is one definitely to view full size to see it at its best. Its rather detailed. A friend of mine suggested that this looked like something underwater, but I had a different title before this one. I thought it looked like Colorful Underwater sounded better. Thanks so much for the comments and views my friends. Always appreciated very much.

Made with Mandelbulb 3D.


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02/12/11 2:08 AM GMT
Well, I think it looks like both, but it doesn't matter what you want to call it, I think it has wonderful depth and beautiful colors and it's most attractive as a DT. It looks like it might even be still growing. lol
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02/12/11 2:10 AM GMT
To me they look like Brain Coral in the ocean, but yours are much more colorful like the tropical fish swimming among the corals..I snorkel as a hobby and I truly get a underwater feel and faved it.

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02/12/11 2:24 AM GMT
Where are all the fish? You took them out and ate them, didn't you? LOL. This is really cool. That would be a super colorful aquarium with this kind of stuff in it.
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02/12/11 2:28 AM GMT
It could be colorful cauliflower, but reminds me of an underwater coral garden too. Love the bright colors & textures ... beautiful work Joanie.
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02/12/11 3:52 AM GMT
Joanie, this has a great 3D look and feel about it, think this is a marvelous creation. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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02/12/11 4:23 AM GMT
If crayons had brains, they would look like this Joanie. A marvelous production.


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02/12/11 4:28 AM GMT
I had to fave this one. Its a 3d adventure.
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02/12/11 12:21 AM GMT
I thought first of cauliflower too, but can see it as being underwater as well... a few small fish darting around wouldn't be out of place. :-)
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02/12/11 1:35 PM GMT
It does look like coral... nice work Joanie.. Mandelbulb is an interesting program
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02/12/11 1:44 PM GMT
So cool your work Joanie! Great 3D effect and I love the combination colours! Mich
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02/12/11 3:41 PM GMT
I buy orange and purple cauliflower all the time and you nailed it!
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02/12/11 7:51 PM GMT
A coral reef without the fish!
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02/12/11 9:10 PM GMT
It does look like colorful corals in a reef, Joanie. They are beautiful and very well done!
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02/12/11 10:30 PM GMT
Beautiful,Fantastic corals,Joanie.A Top Notch work.Faved.
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02/13/11 2:13 AM GMT
I don't care what it is! It's pretty! :D
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02/13/11 12:09 AM GMT
works well joanie
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02/13/11 3:51 PM GMT
Perfect title! That really looks like something under the sea.
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02/13/11 5:47 PM GMT
Another Stunning 3D creation and absolutely love those colours. I have to agree with you Joanie, it looks like coloured cauliflower to me also, lol.
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02/13/11 11:38 PM GMT
I love the colors, textures, and depth is this image. It does have the look of brightly-colored coral, and I have seen cauliflower like this when it's been in the refrigerator for a few months. :) Great work, Joanie!

- Steve
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02/14/11 9:47 AM GMT
That really does look like it is underwater. Good one.
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