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Today we heard there was a whale at a bay close by so off we went with a camera. It must have swum away because we never saw one ! This was taken from the car. 10 Minutes before I had been walking along the grass which was very wet and I slipped and landed flat on my back - I felt very foolish so was not risking it again and I had mud spread from shoulders to ankles so looked ridiculous. Fortunately my camera was unhurt !
I have softened this photo slightly and added some texture


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08/04/18 1:32 PM GMT
Oh my Lyn, that would be embarrassing, and also very dangerous on your part. I have done a some trips, and slips over the years too, and have always managed to save the equipment, never mind the body parts :) I really like your editing on this one, and especially the glow of sunlight on the far bank. tigs=^..^=
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08/04/18 4:49 PM GMT
I like the treatment of photo, even if the area did not treat you all that well.
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Jeff Hamilton
08/04/18 7:09 PM GMT
I too like your treatment and I also have had my share of mishaps - glad you and your camera are o.k.
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08/05/18 2:38 AM GMT
The things you do for caedes:)...glad you and your camera weren't hurt, Lyn...reminds me of a few muddy mishaps I've had to endure...embarrassing, yes, but the outcome a most pleasing, painterly look.
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08/05/18 8:43 AM GMT
You know Lyn.......we all get into some rather risky problems when trying to get that little 'extra' into our photographs!...

Gawd know how many 'accidents' I have had in the past...(And it still happens today!)...Great pics though.
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08/05/18 9:23 AM GMT
A relief that you weren't injured, Lyn.
When my physical condition was still good, I took 'some' risk as well to achieve the best possible photographic result. But nowadays I've to face the reality.

Wonderful capture. Has a painterly effect because of your excellent way of editing. Very well done. S+F of course. Thanks!
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08/05/18 9:32 AM GMT
Good toi know that you had no injuries after the fall. Walking on wet grass can be dangerous. I always wear slip-proof shoes when I am in the parks taking photos. Nice view with good details taken out of the car.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
08/06/18 12:23 AM GMT
Lyn!!!! What are we going to do with you?? Sorry about your fall although, I wished I had seen it:):):) I love the textures and softening of the image. Very beautiful:)
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08/15/18 6:19 PM GMT
That's too bad you missed the whale - gorgeous view and capture
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