Tubular Thought  

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Uploaded: 01/14/08 8:44 PM GMT
Tubular Thought
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Not sure if anyone is going to like this or not, but it's been on my desktop for four days and i'm still interested. It is a closeup image (5cm, ISO100, F2.8) of a metal pincushion toy I bought years ago. Tubes of metal move with pressure/force and form an imprint on one side of the toy to any object you press against it, such as a hand or face. I then added some effects: blurr/colourize/dilate just to try and add an element of uncertainty across the picture. Limited appeal, but hopefully will suit some people.


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01/14/08 10:48 PM GMT
Good eye for subjects, very cool colors. Good work.
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01/14/08 11:13 PM GMT
Very impressive. It's really cool how you got that. I would have never guessed it would have been a metal pincushion. I sure like it.
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01/15/08 12:15 AM GMT
i remember these... this is an interesting picture... if you wouldn't have said what it was i would have had NO idea...
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01/15/08 4:17 AM GMT
Sweet! I like how depending on which side of the brain you look at this through, the spikes can point in either direction. It's a great optical illusion.
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01/18/08 8:51 PM GMT
Rich, considering you took this at F2.8 I am quite surprised at the large(ish) depth of field. I would have expected the edges to be extremely blurred rather than just a bit blurred.
I like the picture and especially like how you've positioned the light behind the image to create a bit of a glow effect.
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