Tracks made of sand.  

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Uploaded: 06/08/09 10:25 PM GMT
Tracks made of sand.
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This shot was on the Costa Da Caparica, just outside Lisbon. The tracks in the sand come from the tractors that help drag the fishing boats around the beach and pulling in the nets.


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06/08/09 11:17 PM GMT
Excellent lead in lines and fabulous composition Richard. The b&w treatment and great cloud formation make it 4/5 for me. Ah, yeah, just not too sure about Jimi Hendrix!!!! Good picture.

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I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about!
06/09/09 4:27 AM GMT
I have to gree with Paul on this. The composition with the distant horizon give the impression of a vast empty space, emphasised by the tracks. Great picture.
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06/11/09 8:44 AM GMT
Good capture.
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06/11/09 12:21 AM GMT
A creative post. I especially enjoyed the BnW presentation.
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06/11/09 4:05 PM GMT
Simple but very well done. I like it.
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06/20/09 12:58 AM GMT
A nice graphic shot Rich and a good idea for black and white. I think it could use a little more interest, perhaps a single item somewhere in the frame as a focus. You divided the frame up nicely and there's a very good sense of space.
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"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." Dorothea Lange
06/21/09 7:56 AM GMT
I was alone and scared
Salty, sandy and full of tears
I followed your tracks
And forgot all my fears,
Knowing full well
What lay on ahead-
Safety and shelter
And a ride home to bed.

this picture inspired a
memory in me...

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whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger... until otherwise proven.
06/22/09 9:33 PM GMT
Wonderfully graphic image. What I like best is how the clouds mimic the tracks and the sweeping composition. Very good tonal qualities in this B&W!
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