Crashing waves  

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Uploaded: 01/05/10 5:39 PM GMT
Crashing waves
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A place called Ponta Do Sol, west of the Maderian capital, Funchal. My compact camera is not ideal for fast photography, with lens speed and light capture limitations, so this is a first for me. Always more fun when you are actually there. These waves were very big when they hit the rock and exploded everywhere. The noise was incredible.


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01/05/10 5:54 PM GMT
Wow! To be there in person would have been incredible! Such power in that wave! Gorgeous! Love the explosive drama of this! So glad you captured this!
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01/05/10 8:16 PM GMT
Richard - An impressive display of sea power! Nice capture! Thad
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Happy New Year!
01/05/10 9:31 PM GMT
Fantastic. Happy New Year.
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01/05/10 9:45 PM GMT
The wave is impressive,very nice photo,it is powerful.Happy New Year to you.
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01/06/10 3:03 PM GMT
Nice capture of the waves. Good job!
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01/09/10 9:27 AM GMT
I didn't have enough time to leave messages for all my Caedes-friends' posts in the last few weeks. So now I only write this comment on the BEST pics. This is one of them.
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01/10/10 1:55 AM GMT
WOW, Richard, this is a great shot!!!! Very impressive, faved this one.

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01/20/10 11:43 PM GMT
Hello Richard....Perfect timing in capturing the wave hitting the rocks...Being in the right place at the right time one can get great shots like this....Well done....All the best to you Richard.......................................Mick.
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