Carrot is my name  

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Uploaded: 11/18/06 10:32 PM GMT
Carrot is my name
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It was a little dark in the room and my Canon send some flashes before and this little one was really interested of my camera :)))


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11/18/06 10:38 PM GMT
Ha ha..what a cutie..he almost matches the color of the floor! Carrot fits him to a tee! Nice shot of him!
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11/18/06 10:43 PM GMT
What a sweet little babyface. The hair is great and this will be a beautiful cat one day. I like the surprised face.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Down Town
11/18/06 11:07 PM GMT

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! AWWW! That is just priceless. Great kitty and shot!

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11/18/06 11:26 PM GMT
How adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love kittens!!!!!!

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Putting your pictures in my favorites is the highest honor I can give you. I hope that is alright with you.
11/18/06 11:39 PM GMT
Don't step on im' LOL Nice job, what a little cutie.
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11/19/06 1:20 AM GMT
What a little darling! Great photo, Mariana!
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11/19/06 3:09 AM GMT
Oh my, now I'm really torn...the black one or this beauty. Too many decision Mariana, I'll have to have them both. Great capture with wonderful clarity. Thanks for sending him to my house ;)
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I'm way behind so forgive me for not commening on your individual posts but know that I've looked at all of them since I left. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita
11/19/06 4:53 AM GMT
Look at those eyes..who could resist? Lovely little one and I'm enjoying all the babies :)PJ
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11/19/06 5:16 AM GMT
Wow what beautiful blue eyes. I hope you gave this kitty lots of purrrrfect kisses. What a lovely baby.
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11/19/06 6:21 AM GMT
What a cutie and a great shot.
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11/19/06 11:17 AM GMT
No one could resist this face!! What a cutie and I love that she was looking right at you, Mariana - well done!!
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It's all about perspective and perception.
11/19/06 11:42 AM GMT
HELP my heart is melting!!! this is a gorgeous shot of Carrot (perfect name for him).

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laughter is the best medicine
11/19/06 11:54 AM GMT
That is the one I ordered :) He is gooorgeous. Great picture.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
11/19/06 12:52 AM GMT
Makes my fingers itch to pick him up & pet him...
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11/19/06 2:19 PM GMT
I just wanna squeez'em till he poops!! Luv that look!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Why does the picture come out square when the lens is round??? 8~O
11/19/06 2:53 PM GMT
Great shot....and very cute.......
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11/19/06 3:18 PM GMT
OMG, this is just adorable! Excellent focus and clarity here and the way he is looking up at the camera just makes my heart melt.
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11/19/06 3:23 PM GMT
This is my favorite so far! Wonderful!
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11/19/06 3:55 PM GMT
Another little cuty cat
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What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
11/19/06 7:25 PM GMT
A Cute cat..and a Wonderful capture..Love it..
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11/19/06 9:05 PM GMT
Who could resist those eyes? This is a cat that could do no wrong, I'd bet. Thanks for sharing.
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11/19/06 10:17 PM GMT
So sweet... thanks for this image, looking very good ! :-)
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11/20/06 12:32 AM GMT
Well . . . you know me and it.
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11/20/06 9:43 AM GMT
Little bundle of sweetness and charm! Lovely photo, Mariana!
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11/20/06 4:54 PM GMT
Wow! So cute and adorable and sweet! Very nice composition and focus and depth of field. His/her blue eyes contrast well with the rest of the picture. Love the expression on his/her face. Wonderful capture. Into my favorites!
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11/21/06 10:03 PM GMT
Good selective focus on Carrot's face Mariana...and you caught a perfect expression...very well done...gerry..
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11/23/06 8:48 AM GMT
I usually don't like cat pictures but this one is....perfect! Just wanna hug him and pet him and kiss him! Adorable!
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11/23/06 1:21 PM GMT
What an adorable kitten. Great capture.
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11/23/06 6:35 PM GMT
Carrot is such a sweetie and I'm sure will grow up to be a gorgeous cat. Thank you for sharing carrot with us. Love it.
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We should remember not to take things for granted.
11/24/06 9:22 AM GMT
aaaawwwww, it just want to cuddle-wuddle the wittle-bitty kitty and kissie his wittle-bitty kitty nosie!
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my caedes friends!
11/24/06 11:44 PM GMT
This is priceless!
My wife says she wants him LOL
And if you weren't so far from Canada she would be serious too!

Great capture of this little cutie. This is the embodiment of all kittens in this one shot!
On my desktop and in my favs.
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To get a friend you have to be a friend!
11/25/06 8:03 PM GMT
LOL! This lil' bugger is so cute Mariana! I just wanna pick him up and play with him. I have a soft spot for cats and this little guy has such a great color and beautiful eyes..=)
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11/26/06 9:02 AM GMT
How beautiful with the big blue eyes. Who wouldn't want to cuddle this little fellow.
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01/08/07 9:11 AM GMT
Awwwww, what an adorable blue eyed kitty!!! I WANT ONE!!!! =) great pic dear.
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01/08/07 9:15 AM GMT
I forgot to mention how perfect the detail is in this picture. What kind of camera do you have? Is it digital?
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01/18/07 8:19 PM GMT
So, this is carrot. Even cuter than his bro...
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Time is not money; it's life. Enjoy it.
01/19/07 12:50 AM GMT
How CUTE! He has such beautiful eyes! Thanks for sharing! :)
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01/24/07 4:16 PM GMT
This one is my favorite Mariana , what a beautiful cat and picture.Great helpless eyes.
One picture tells more than thousand words...Hubert.
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10/12/07 1:56 AM GMT
Aww how beautiful!
Lovely shot to show off this cutie :)
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11/14/07 7:02 AM GMT
I use this as one of my wallpapers at work.
SO adorable! Love the expression...
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11/19/07 3:38 PM GMT
owww so cute.... Wonder why his name is Carrot! LOL
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01/07/08 11:43 AM GMT
So adorable...great shot.
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01/17/08 8:28 PM GMT
hes adorable. carrot, funny name, but we have a cat named nugget, so i cant really talk.
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I'm really not sure what I'm doing with myself......
02/09/08 4:04 AM GMT
Absolutely adorable
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