My second frozen image  

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Uploaded: 02/14/07 7:07 AM GMT
My second frozen image
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My second attempt with frozen stuff :)) Looks best in full screen. Thanks to all who view and comment. I really do appreciate it.


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02/14/07 9:10 AM GMT
Lovely swirly colours and makes one want to see further into the centre. Nice one Mariana.
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02/14/07 9:54 AM GMT
Im sorry that the blue thing in the corner is still there. I take it away on the picture but I upload the wrong version. :((( If someone not can fix that self I do it for you if you want. Just let me know.
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02/14/07 12:26 AM GMT
I didnt even notice it at first Marian. This looks very the laser light type glow it has to it.
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02/14/07 12:53 AM GMT
Its clean, nicely woven, and I like how it looks like a rose or atleast some type of flower. Good job.

I didn't even notice the blue corner till you said so
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02/14/07 2:10 PM GMT
It's very similar to your first one, just twisted a little or something. I like it. Nice work.
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02/14/07 6:36 PM GMT
Nicely done and nice colors.
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02/14/07 7:14 PM GMT
I like the colors and 'wispyness' of this one, Mariana.
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02/14/07 8:18 PM GMT
Cindy took the words right out of my mouth - lovely softness and color!
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02/14/07 8:18 PM GMT
This one is also very nice. Don't worry about the blue in the corner - these things happen to everyone at some time or another.

Seems to be going well, though...

- cfr

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02/15/07 8:40 PM GMT
I like the blue aspect in the it a sense of something beyond just what you're seeing in the middle..a bit if intrigue so to speak :) I'm still trying to get something close to what you're making with that tutorial, but if you saw my posts last night, you'll see that I got sidetracked and didn't even come to try once again.


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02/15/07 9:59 PM GMT
Even more colorful than the first one. A winner!
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02/15/07 10:09 PM GMT
great work, very beautiful
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02/22/07 8:14 PM GMT
Very nice design are having fun with this stuff :))...gerry
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02/27/07 11:59 PM GMT
love the colours in this.... like neon lights! :)
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