Centre Street Bridge  

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Uploaded: 09/04/04 4:07 AM GMT
Centre Street Bridge
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A picture I took of the Centre Street Bridge in Calgary.


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09/04/04 2:11 PM GMT
Excellent night capture! Nicely framed also. I like it when night shots turn out well, as this has :o)
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Hey, I'm the visionary, you come up with the nuts and bolts.
09/04/04 4:21 PM GMT
Beautiful shot :) Agreed with the above
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*~I feel myself going down. Again into this despair I trod. Trying to pull myself up again, before you came, failing everytime. But somehow you rescued me from the depths, and I stand proud to be your love~*
09/14/04 7:26 PM GMT
i love it i love citys
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I am a City girl in a Country world!
07/16/05 12:37 AM GMT
I live in Calgary.
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07/16/05 4:08 AM GMT
i love this place
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07/17/05 6:17 AM GMT
I have a new one of the same bridge you may want to check out aswell.
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"A piece of toast with butter always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet. What happens if a piece of toast is tied butter side down to the back of falling cat? Does it hover above the ground in perpetual indecision?"
09/04/05 3:32 AM GMT
I live in Calgary as well :) , great shot.
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