Aussie Angel.  

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Uploaded: 03/16/09 9:39 AM GMT
Aussie Angel.
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Started out as a Canon S3IS shot of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo landing on a fencepost with the late afternoon sun shining thru it's wings. A lot of mucking around to cut away everything but the bird. More mucking around to get just the right "zoom blur" and halo. I started work on this twelve months ago, lost heart in it, came back and am now exceedingly happy with the result. It also seemed like a natural image for the current Negative Space contest.




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03/16/09 10:10 AM GMT
You are a right mucker, .. mucker!..

A year ago eh! have patience...bugger woulda been binned if it was me!

Eventually to made a gorgeous piece of work!...very 'Holy' in appearance...well worth the wait!

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03/16/09 1:27 PM GMT
I like your creative mucking around. Definite ethereal vibe with the soft but alluring rays. I'm glad you came back to it. Saved.
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03/16/09 1:28 PM GMT
Sounds like you put some hard work into this...turned out great! I agree, it was a holy appearance, the light coming through the feathers is great. Thanks for your comment on Haven amidst city by the way, greatly appreciated:)
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"Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life."
03/16/09 8:15 PM GMT
Great entry into the contest. Love the post work, which must have taken a very long time. Beautiful work and perfect in my eyes.
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03/16/09 9:03 PM GMT
Absolutely Fantastic,Mikel..A Super work.
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03/16/09 11:12 PM GMT
Stupendous work!!!!! Thanks for not giving up entirely cause we needed this today!!
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03/17/09 2:21 AM GMT
Reminds me of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) and the round glow represents holiness or the communion wafer. Quite an effect you achieved here with lots of 'glorious' light.
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03/17/09 7:37 AM GMT
Superbly beautiful... What a fine entry for the contest.
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"Never let your studies interfere with your education." - Pete Seeger
03/19/09 5:03 PM GMT
Well, I don't understand that 40 C-I, but then, I never understand them. It should be in the 70's if not higher. This is a classic work of art. It has a spiritual look to it. If this is an out of body experience, I'm letting go right now. LOL. Fantastic image, and good luck in the contest.

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I love March Madness
03/21/09 6:44 PM GMT
The rays of light are gorgeous and the composition is perfect.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you will win the contest Mikel !!
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Visit my gallery, there's always something new from France !! ; )
05/15/09 12:49 AM GMT
All i can say is, wonderful. There aren't even words to describe what you captured.
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02/22/10 9:47 PM GMT
I like the feeling I get looking at the image. Peace & serenity.
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