Afghan Girl - reworked  

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Uploaded: 11/04/07 7:38 PM GMT
Afghan Girl - reworked
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Photographer Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl has always fascinated me, ever since it was first published more than 25 years ago in a National Geographic magazine article. I wonder if the years would have been kinder to young Sharbat Gula if she'd grown up in the West? I've reworked her image here in water-colour paints and aqua-pencils.


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11/04/07 7:50 PM GMT
Lovely work!
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11/04/07 7:53 PM GMT
Very nice. I love the colours you picked out, but I think you could have taken some artistic liberty and give her a few more shadows to make her look more 3-D, maybe darkened some of her face up. Nice job.
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Assīduūs ūsus unī reī dēditūs et ingenium et artem saepe vincīt.
11/04/07 10:10 PM GMT
The original image is a classic image of our time. You have created a very good likeness that was immediately recognized. Great job.
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11/04/07 10:50 PM GMT
Beautiful job, Anne-Marie. You're quite an artist I see! I know that photo well. She has the most amazing eyes. If she's still living in Afghanistan, and she probably is, she has seen a lot and endured a lot and would no doubt give us a different portrait today. You do really nice work, my lady. Oh wow, I just looked at your link! The original is the face of innocence and the second image of her has a look of doubt and hard times.
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11/04/07 10:56 PM GMT
Super Job. I recognized her before I even read the caption.

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11/05/07 12:25 AM GMT
Following your link- her eyes still have the same look of defiance and still spark.
You have done great work on this Anne-Marie.:)
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11/05/07 12:55 AM GMT
Such an artist you are my friend. Anne-Marie I remember that picture very well and your work is fantastic. tigs♥
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11/05/07 6:38 AM GMT
Beautiful work. V
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11/05/07 3:38 PM GMT
I also admire the before and after photo from NGS mag. Downloaded from the website about 4yrs ago. I new who she was the second it came up in the VB. You did a fabulous job and you have my respect and a 10. Took a break from the VB just to tell you that. ~~>-mDs
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11/05/07 6:08 PM GMT
Nice work. I remember this photo...the eyes have it.
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11/05/07 10:44 PM GMT
Totally agree, the eyes are everything

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11/05/07 11:32 PM GMT
Great job on your rendition of this very famous and poignant picture. I remember seeing this "before" and "after" pic a while ago, and had many thoughts on the subject, which I won't bore you with here, but I wanted to tell you how talented an artist you are with this particular medium as well as with your photography!

♫ 005 PJ ♫

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11/06/07 12:34 AM GMT
What a lovely rendering of her beautiful face, Anne-Marie. You have captured the haunting look in her eyes perfectly.
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11/06/07 1:08 PM GMT
This is very nice work. That image was very strong, and always memorable.
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11/06/07 10:23 PM GMT
I recognized this face - I have the coffee table book with her on it. Nicely done here! Thank you for the link, everyone should know this story. ~Mary~
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11/10/07 7:04 PM GMT
Anne-Marie, this is an amazing image my friend! The water-colour and pencil rework is fantastic. Honestly, I had no idea about the photo, and my first impression for the story of Sharbat Gula comes first from you. Thank you for sharing her story with us and thus retelling her destiny to the world.
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11/13/07 9:07 PM GMT
This is a great rendering. The eyes draw you in. Have you ever seen her later in life? Life has not been kind to the frightened rabbit behind her eyes.
In graphite (which is what I did her in) her eyes look white
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03/13/08 5:51 AM GMT
Those eyes are so catching.. love post.. love it

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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
03/23/08 4:27 AM GMT
no matter how many times I see her eyes, I feel she is trying to communicate with me great job!
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03/23/08 11:26 PM GMT
I love it, very beautiful! My personal favorite National Geographic cover.
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04/10/08 12:11 AM GMT
wow, i just found this anne-marie, its wonderful you are an amazing painter. + faves
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05/05/08 3:54 PM GMT
Wonderful work Anne -Marie!
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05/20/08 5:47 PM GMT
love this pic. I have the old Nat Geo Magazine that featured Sharbat Gula on the cover and heard a couple of years ago on a Nat Geo tv special that she is still alive in Afghanistan. She is in her forties now.
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06/24/08 8:12 AM GMT
Beautiful work. I recently saw a TV program where Steve McCurry went back in search of this young lady and after a long search found her again, much older. She was still as beautiful and he took more shots of her. I think he published them.
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09/25/08 11:29 PM GMT
Incredible eyes! You're a gifted watercolorist, I too paint in watercolor. I've just taken up oils (what a struggle, like watercolor better) Am new to Caedes look forward to seeing more of your work. Dee Ann
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11/11/09 9:44 PM GMT
I remember this picture extremely well, my family had National Geographic Magazines all the time at our house and they normally keep them. And, I remember this one becasue it was on the end of the book shelf and you could always see it. Was never a fan because it freaked me out. But, I believe you did a great job capturing the photo.
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11/28/09 1:40 AM GMT
i like this work,it's graet use for color,,,^_^
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10/15/13 5:25 PM GMT
Beautiful. The story about finding her is amazing.


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