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Uploaded: 05/01/08 2:07 PM GMT
Nick (aka: s0050463)
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"If they don't bring my lunch soon, I'll start on the flower display!" Nick in the pub at the CaedesUK get-together.


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05/01/08 3:39 PM GMT
lol! Clever commentary Anne Marie :) What a ham you are Nick! :)))
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05/01/08 4:17 PM GMT
hehehe! i remember him doing this! :-) the flowers look better on your shot than they were in real life! Hi Nick!! :-)
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05/01/08 4:32 PM GMT
lovely shot of Nick, nice to meet you Nick:)
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05/01/08 5:20 PM GMT
Nice one Anne-Marie!...He did win the show doing this, didn't he!....I name it the 'Pub Fandango'!..he he!...

great post my dear!
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05/01/08 7:02 PM GMT
Carmen Miranda
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05/01/08 7:03 PM GMT
The more I see of the caedes get-together the more I wish I could have been there...what a bunch of fun people to hang out with...great shot and closeup and funny narrative...saved for my caedes folder...thanks for sharing.
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05/01/08 10:50 PM GMT
Anne-Marie, I love this image. I agree with Pat that I too would have loved to been there. I sure enjoy the wonderful shots I have been seeing and this is just great.
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05/01/08 11:37 PM GMT
He really was hungry wasn't he - didn't even realise it was silk and not a real rose. There were two Carmen Mirandas in the pub that day - at least Nick didn't have anything coming out of his head ;-)
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05/02/08 9:15 AM GMT
lol Nick! You just need a set of castanets now and you would really be the part! ...I was wondering who would post this one Lisa, Nick was enjoying the photoshoot! lol! fun image!! :)
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05/02/08 6:15 PM GMT
This is really cute, and I wonder what he's got in his photos that can pay You back!!!

;) PJ
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05/03/08 10:28 AM GMT
Thanks very much for posting this one Anne Marie! I really was enjoying this short improvised photoshoot! All the attention you get lol :)
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05/04/08 5:47 PM GMT
HEHEHE.. he must be very hungry!! Well done.. sure put a smile on my face.
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05/08/08 10:56 AM GMT
Hey Anne-Marie,
Thanks for sharing these moments, it is always lovely to remember the nice times we had those days,
Great capture and edits, they all work very nicely in this image,
Beautifully done,

Thanks for sharing
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01/19/09 10:21 PM GMT
Classic shot.....LOL.
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