Planet Earth  

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Uploaded: 02/11/07 5:14 PM GMT
Planet Earth
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Meh thought id try some thing different. credit Nasa for the earth image Is this Image is too great to not have a C-Index, lol


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02/11/07 6:31 PM GMT
wow, This is amehzing. ^_^
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Smile chicken!
02/14/07 12:07 AM GMT
Very nice colours on the planet with dy-no-mite details!! Wish the lens flare was a wee less, but not too much. A grrreat job here!!
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02/14/07 9:28 AM GMT
It is a good image. But I think that it would have been better without that outer glow for the earth....Any way you have done a wonderful job.
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Deepak Krishnan Proud to be an Indian !!!
02/14/07 11:50 PM GMT
Very cool!! I like the idea and I think you presented it very well! The detail is great! Diane
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02/15/07 2:20 AM GMT
Definitely a keeper. The lens flare thingy may be a bit harsh but other wise great work!
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"I can't do anything, if I don't do anything."
03/23/07 6:10 PM GMT
Im new here and i was wondering what the C-index, and Dlds are??

email me at please

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07/23/07 3:00 AM GMT
Beautiful photo, thanks for sharing.

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. Whoever puts his trust in God's Son will not be lost but will have life that lasts forever.
08/08/07 12:04 AM GMT
wow, this is an outstanding image!
It looks just like it was real!
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Greets, Chris
09/04/07 6:33 PM GMT
Nice rendering. I like how the sun shines behind the earth. Nice job.
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10/03/07 4:44 AM GMT
Nice job, I like it.
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