Super-String Theory  

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Uploaded: 02/04/04 5:48 AM GMT
Super-String Theory
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Something for all you quantum scientists out there. A non-traditional fractal, done with FraxFlame.


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02/04/04 11:10 AM GMT
This is a beautiful image - So light and energized - really good job...
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A thing is not beautiful because it is is beautiful because one likes it. (Bruno Munari)
02/04/04 12:01 AM GMT
Wow! The colors are amazing. I allways wanted to say this so it wasn't totally out of place: This is the stuff dreams are made of. ^_^ Beautiful.
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02/04/04 12:42 AM GMT
love the rainbows of colors and the simple but funny shapes^^. very nicely done Piner^^
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02/04/04 1:26 PM GMT
Agree with all other comments...

great, GREAT work!
love this one
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02/04/04 4:56 PM GMT
Beautiful! Love this
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02/04/04 5:59 PM GMT!!! You really outdid yourself on this one. Absolutely gorgeous, the colors are fantastic, and it's a D10F all the way. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/04/04 8:39 PM GMT
Great image! Has an element of TRACYJTZ's "Hunter."
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Praise Allah!
02/05/04 12:53 AM GMT
you know Piner - I always love these renderings - but, I must say that I especially LOVE your renderings. Yours have a very clean look to them which makes them so much better. The effect comes across as very fine. Outstanding job.
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02/06/04 1:43 AM GMT
Something I read today that helps explain this image.

"....Maybe there is a option: a larger, inclusive theory that supplants them both (Einsteinís theory of gravity and quantum mechanics). Indeed, string theory has been invented and called upon to do just that. It attempts to reduce all matter, all energy, and all their interactions to the existence of higher-dimensional vibrating strings of energy. String theory holds that different modes of vibration reveal themselves in our measly four dimensions of space and time as different particles and forces."

Neil de Grasse Tyson
{ Natural History, volume 110, number 1, 2/2001}
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The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from an artist is to make him ruin his work. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 1832)
02/18/04 11:05 PM GMT
Basically, scientists think that the smallest form of matter is these "strings" of energy, which may look more like rings. Anyway, these stings are vibrating at incredible speeds, and depending on the frequency, wavelength, etc. of their vibrations, different forms of matter are produced.
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02/19/04 7:23 PM GMT
Nice image I really mean it.
10/10 and in my favorite.
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Sous le soleil, toutes choses doivent finir un jour / Under the sun, all things must finish one day ( Legolas Lord of the rings )
02/21/04 12:50 AM GMT
the hammer^^
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02/25/04 8:09 PM GMT
going to my favs!
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O_o o_O
03/19/04 8:38 PM GMT
Very interesting...something that i cold stare at for hours

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03/23/04 6:03 PM GMT
I love the photo, it reminds me of lazer lights! 10/10
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03/25/04 3:16 AM GMT
Great work... soo much BrightNeSS!
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03/29/04 6:46 AM GMT
very clean, wonderful picture
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03/29/04 6:52 AM GMT
Thanks for all your wonderful comments!! :c)
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The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from an artist is to make him ruin his work. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 1832)
04/04/04 8:22 PM GMT
Thisone is awesome Piner...great work.
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-DFX - "Come away with me to a fractal sea where the digital dophins flow.
04/16/04 11:32 PM GMT
Agree with DFX, Awesome!!!
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05/21/04 8:59 AM GMT
Seems you've captured the very essence of something.. wonderful.
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05/21/04 6:06 PM GMT
Really interseting to look at, and daydream......
Thanks for this one, another one of my favourites!
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"Never stop seking what seems unobtainable..."
07/17/04 10:07 PM GMT
Cool!!! Come to think about It. It looks likes a thick spider web. Good Job!!!
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always try your best. Look at my new picture Wacky- The Unthinkable.
10/16/04 9:03 PM GMT
To difficult for me but beautiful. Hey
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11/01/04 2:25 PM GMT
Very easy to get lost in. Like gliding through space.
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12/01/04 4:52 AM GMT
That is very good work
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12/21/04 9:25 PM GMT
Very Beautiful Render!, superb colour usage!, great stuff!
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12/28/04 6:40 AM GMT
And once more the bubbles are turned inside out!!! beautiful work of art...colours abound...I am totallly smitten with these fractals of yours!!
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02/06/05 9:18 PM GMT
I've never seen this kind of fractal work before. It's unique. It looks touchable.
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~my typos are intentional~
02/15/05 8:49 PM GMT
looks gooey and like you can touch it!
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05/03/05 1:38 PM GMT
"This is the stuff dreams are made of"

Quantum physics: the dreams stuff is made of ;)
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11/22/05 4:28 PM GMT
WOW! very detailed.. *clicks on favorites: [add image]*
very nice...!
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02/24/06 3:36 PM GMT
Oh Piner, I do like this one. Another fractal going into my collection. This ...this...whatever it is...imprison's the eyeballs to the point where you cannot stop staring at it. Love the colors and where they are placed.
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02/28/06 8:35 AM GMT
Rather striking, nice luminous colors. Good work.
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04/16/06 6:31 AM GMT
stunning design
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08/31/07 1:17 AM GMT
wonderful fractal, colours and shapes!! :D
fav it, sure! :)
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11/11/16 9:23 PM GMT
One of my very favorite images - more than 9 years since you've made this. I hope this site and all it contains live a fractal ;)
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there are 2 types of people - those that can extrapolate from an incomplete set of data
11/11/16 9:24 PM GMT
Make that more than 12 years...was looking at last post date lol
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there are 2 types of people - those that can extrapolate from an incomplete set of data

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