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Still working on this image. Bryce/Poser


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06/26/04 1:39 PM GMT
Beautiful image! Great work and colors.Nice,Pim.Prachtig werk!!.
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Carpe diem.
06/26/04 2:20 PM GMT
I just love this one Pim, keep up the great work.
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"
06/26/04 3:15 PM GMT
I really like your jet Pim, especially the inside of the engine. I would make the shadow of the jet much smaller (and maybe move it up a bit to be in full view) to make the ground seem farther away. That and give the parachutes four strings or something instead of one. I look forward to seeing what happens when you keep playing with this. Great idea :)
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
06/26/04 4:45 PM GMT
yea i agree with josh, and along with being smaller the shadow should be blurred a little so its edges arent so sharp.. other than that, great job on it ;]
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
06/26/04 9:58 PM GMT
Good one Pim! i hope they land ok ;]
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You only have one shot at life, don't waste it + My image of choice Trippy Shere's and my work
06/27/04 12:58 AM GMT
Agree with the others, and you should change the camera angle so we can see the front of the jet. I love it though, gave me a chuckle!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
06/27/04 2:50 AM GMT
Good job so far. I look foward to seeing what else you do to it.
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"The hardest part isnt finding out who you need to be, it's being content with who you are"
06/27/04 1:39 PM GMT
Thanks everyone, for all the comment and support/feedback. I will try to do something to everything you folks said. Thanks for helping!
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** If you try to fail and you succeed, then which of the two did you do?
06/29/04 9:58 PM GMT
Another excellent idea Pim! I look forward to your finished product. ;)
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B.J. ;)
06/30/04 9:31 AM GMT
Thanx B.J.
And I agree, I'm also looking forward to my finished product.
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** If you try to fail and you succeed, then which of the two did you do?
06/30/04 3:29 PM GMT
This is a great start, Pim, and a most original and unique idea. I'm really eager to see the next version! :)
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Mary in Montana
07/02/04 3:28 AM GMT
Beautiful Pim, very creative, excellent work.
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07/15/04 7:23 AM GMT
What a great idea Pim! I,too, would like to be able to see the nose of the plane. Right now it looks like it is cut off. our mind is very creative. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Thank you!
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Always, Mimi
07/15/04 9:36 AM GMT
Thanx folks, all of you!
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** If you try to fail and you succeed, then which of the two did you do?
09/30/04 10:30 PM GMT
Reminds me of the little green plastic army men I used to have. A very cool image. Well done.
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"We need not fear the expression of ideas -- we do need to fear their suppression." - Truman
10/01/04 6:42 AM GMT
Thanks :)
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(<->.<(<->.<->)>.<->) They are watching you!
10/17/04 2:43 PM GMT
very nice image
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::what comes up must come down::-einstein::
12/11/04 6:04 PM GMT
Great, great...

CeeJay Magic
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03/08/05 7:35 PM GMT
Great concept that might possibly benefit from a little refining, but it's sure alot better that I can do!
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03/11/05 3:31 PM GMT
Thanks for the comments!
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Just be.
11/29/05 3:16 AM GMT
Nice job. They do look like plastic army men! The whole thing is very toy-like in appearance.
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Check my gallery! Terragen does amazing work.
11/29/05 4:42 PM GMT
Thanks for the great words! I'm glad you like it.
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Just be.
01/19/06 1:15 AM GMT
Jammer...had liever een echte foto gezien van een DC-3 met echte paratroopers!
Maar ik heb misschien ook iets TE veel respect voor die gasten...sorry Pim.
Show me the real 101st Airbourne Division!
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I'll make you an offer,you can't refuse...
05/07/06 9:09 PM GMT
hey that looks good.....keep it up.....and hey im back......plz write to me.....ttylaterz
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~Elastica~ Happy Day oh happy day! hehe Smile everyone, I don't want to see those frowns on your face. You never know when your picture will be taken.

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