Schwerin Castle  

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Uploaded: 02/09/20 9:08 AM GMT
Schwerin Castle
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This castle in the city of Schwerin is now the seat of the local government. They use just a small part of it only, of course. I had posted the colour version of the castle some years ago.

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02/09/20 9:14 AM GMT
Great B/W capture and nice narrative, Raj.
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02/09/20 10:20 AM GMT
Raj, up till now, your TV Tower image is the entry for the current contest, but this one is a perfect contender too, but of course it's up to you which one will your final entry.
Both images are beautiful and impressive anyhow!
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02/09/20 1:52 PM GMT
B&W Sets it off..An Impressive structure...R.
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02/09/20 3:33 PM GMT
It looks great in b/w Raj. As SEA mentioned, you have a choice to make for the contest. Either one is a worthy entry.
Best of luck in the contest.


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02/09/20 4:35 PM GMT
Another very good B&W good luck in deciding which to use for the contest.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
02/09/20 5:08 PM GMT
I really like your TV tower Raj but this is another great shot and would also go beautifully in the contest.
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02/09/20 9:46 PM GMT
Such a wonderful B/W you've created out of this magnificent looking building. Good Luck with this winner in my books
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02/10/20 8:41 AM GMT
Perfect composition and intriguing scene to view, wonderful in black and white!
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02/14/20 6:53 AM GMT
Beautiful b/w and entry of luck.
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02/18/20 1:33 AM GMT
Wow Raj. This is terrific in B&W and that sky is powerful!! Great image for the contest:):)
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