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Sorry for the deletion of the first.....wrong version uploaded.

I know there are a lot of winter images out there, but to have a snow in Alabama is rare. So I have a few of these to share.

Guard house at the entrance to Ballentrae Golf Course nestled on top of Weatherly Mountain.


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02/16/10 2:19 AM GMT
Wow that's gorgeous. In alabama? Just looking at it, I would have thought it was the ruins of some castle gate somewhere in Europe. Very awesome looking.
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02/16/10 2:23 AM GMT
Lovely fluffy white snowy scene Paul. I like the stonework and color of that fancy golf course entrance and the hill behind covered with snow covered pines and hardwoods...Excellent shot of a very rare AL snowstorm!
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02/16/10 2:29 AM GMT
The guard house looks just as good in the snow as it does in the peak golfing months. That's quite a picturesque setting. Gorgeous colors, clarity, and composition. Super nice, Paul.
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02/16/10 3:47 AM GMT
I think one offers us such a good contrast of color. Paul, I have missed you! I do hope your back! I think this is a wonderful posting. Look forward to more winter shots in Alabama.
♪ ♫ :)Sandi♪ =^..^=
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02/16/10 4:00 AM GMT
They have a guard house? It must be pretty ritzy! Beautiful and well composed shot Paul! Excellent focus and color too!
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02/16/10 4:20 AM GMT
I thought maybe you were in England suddenly! This is wonderful. And in Alabama?! wow. Gorgeous photo Paul. I can't imagine this "guard house" there either. But I love how you composed this. Excellent photography my dear friend! Verena
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02/16/10 6:06 AM GMT
The colors of your Alabama look well with snow Opie. A good composition on this one. You can tell the snow won't be there for long.
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02/16/10 7:48 AM GMT
Wow! A wonderful photo. Nicely composed and lovely colouring. The snow contrasts nicely with the colours of the trees and stonework.
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02/16/10 1:31 PM GMT
Very nice photo of the structure,the snow covered trees are very nice,nice snow and composition.
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02/16/10 1:51 PM GMT
What a difference a few months make! Very nicely composed. I like the details and contrasts.
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02/16/10 2:30 PM GMT
This has a "happy" look to it. Against the snow, the house just stands out.
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02/16/10 4:43 PM GMT
Lovely balanced image and the warm tones of the stone contrast so perfectly with the snow.
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02/16/10 5:27 PM GMT
This looks like a storybook photo! Gorgeous colors and the contrast of them make this one a definite keeper!
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02/16/10 6:12 PM GMT
Wow! Gorgeous textured stones against that soft, wintry white coating on the trees! Stunning capture Paul! Love it! :)Ami
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02/16/10 7:45 PM GMT
So Wonderful looking guard house.I was sure there was a castle too.A Fantastic winter scene.Gorgeous photo,Paul.
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02/16/10 10:33 PM GMT
-((*-::-*))- Fantastic Shot -(( *-::-*))-
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02/18/10 3:00 PM GMT
Gorgeous winter capture for the good old south Paul
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02/18/10 8:52 PM GMT
Gorgeous winter scene, great colours and sharpness. Love it! Absolutely amazing that that is Alabama!
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02/23/10 2:54 AM GMT
A nice winter capture of the guard house Paul. It looks like a castle got started but never got finished. Great work.

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