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Hi mom
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Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, STS-114 mission specialist, anchored to a foot restraint on the International Space Stationís Canadarm2, participates in the missionís third session of extravehicular activity (EVA). The blackness of space and Earthís horizon form the backdrop for the image. Credit: NASA


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08/06/05 5:16 PM GMT
Fascinating image. A very brave say the least!
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08/06/05 6:16 PM GMT
I can see your house from here!
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What's another word for 'thesaurus'?
08/06/05 9:05 PM GMT
It's interesting to point out that this guy is zooming around the earth at a staggering 28,000km/h (about 17,400mi/h). Sorta reminds me of These guys!
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08/06/05 10:09 PM GMT
although the speed doesnt matter, because there is basically 0 air resistance. Funny title
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05/02/06 6:33 AM GMT
Yeah, funny title. I also thought "Look Ma! No hands!" when I first saw it. This is great. I think it's going on my desktop very soon.
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I'm overwhelmed. There are so many great photographers on this site! It's amazing!
10/26/06 2:57 PM GMT
how did you get this picture???? please write back.
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11/11/09 9:36 PM GMT
Look Ma no hands! LOL
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