Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia  

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Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia
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The Petronas Twin Towers (Malay: Menara Berkembar Petronas) (also known as the Petronas Towers or just Twin Towers), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were the world's tallest buildings before being surpassed by Taipei 101. However, the towers are still the tallest twin buildings in the world. They were the world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004.

Antenna / Spire - 451.9 m (1,482.6 ft)

Designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, the Petronas Towers were completed in 1998 after a seven year build and became the tallest buildings in the world on the date of completion. They were built on the site of Kuala Lumpur's race track. Because of the depth of the bedrock, the buildings were built on the world's deepest foundations.The 120-meter foundations were built within 12 months by Bachy Soletanche, and required massive amounts of concrete.

You can see Maxis Tower situated in the northwest corner of the KLCC development, adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers. As with its neighboring twin towers, Maxis Tower features an aluminum and glass cladding facade.
This is an office skyscraper that houses the headquarters of Maxis Communications and Tanjong Plc Group of Companies.

[Information Courtesy - Wikipedia]

Taken during my recent visit to Malaysia - from inside the car which stopped for a minute there

Post processing done only to increase the sharpness...


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02/02/10 5:42 PM GMT

-((*-::-*))- Fantastic Shot -(( *-::-*))-
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
02/02/10 5:51 PM GMT
wow O.O awesome like it so great capture .
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02/02/10 6:51 PM GMT
" ... from inside the car."

Nicely done.

Not sure if you did or performed any additional post processing or editing, as your image here takes on an illustrative look and feel to my eyes.

Which ... I do enjoy. :o)

Nicely composed, and the oversaturated colours of the sky work well in this instance.

Thanks for sharing the information and your photo of this beautiful building. :o)
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
02/02/10 7:30 PM GMT
Awesome picture. I love the angle and the color.
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02/02/10 7:41 PM GMT

That's the word that came up in my mind, because of the metalic look of the towers.

Wonderful clearity and that taken from inside a car, very well done :o)
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If you cant accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.
02/02/10 8:42 PM GMT
Good work Sreejith. You have managed to capture the grandness of those towers well.
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If "Ignorance is bliss", then why should we seek knowledge?
02/03/10 3:10 AM GMT
Really nice! I like how the vast background accentuates the towers.
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02/03/10 6:27 AM GMT
Excellent!what a wonderful capture from inside the car!!
അടിപൊളി, അതിമനോഹരം!!!
0∈ [?]
02/03/10 6:48 PM GMT
This truly outstanding photo love the angle you took this one at and great night scene and great blue back ground.
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02/04/10 7:16 PM GMT
Great clarity and colors, but what is the other building in the background? Still one great shot.
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02/09/10 6:57 AM GMT
A super capture despite it being taken from a car that just stoped for a moment. Wonderful clarity and love the lights.
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02/09/10 3:27 PM GMT
Wow!! How did you manage to take this inside a car? I thought this shot is hard to capture by hand. I like the lights at the Towers. You know, I have the same building in my shot. Take a look. Petronas Twin Towers
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