Beautiful Creature  

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Uploaded: 09/07/10 4:00 PM GMT
Beautiful Creature
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I don't know the name of this weird yet beautiful creature. If anyone knows what it is let me know! :) I hope you like it and any comments are appreciated. . . . When I uploaded this image I didn't know the name of this creature but now thanks to .maddmudder49230 I believe it's called "Spurge Hawk-Moth Caterpillar". Thank you!


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09/07/10 5:31 PM GMT
I don't know about beautiful, but it's colorful. Nice shot.
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09/09/10 7:13 PM GMT
Always wondered when someone would use this effect - and you've just used it to great effect.
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09/10/10 1:57 PM GMT
nice effect, great shot, i do believe your little guy is a "Spurge Hawk-Moth Caterpillar"
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09/11/10 11:43 AM GMT
I like this picture, interesting subject. Nice colors.
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09/11/10 3:56 PM GMT
like this picture, interesting subject. Nice colors.
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09/12/10 4:04 PM GMT
I like the idea of desaturating the background but I think your colorful creature would stand out better if the surrounding grass was toned down as well. If you want to keep the circular effect, you might try coloring the outside area and desaturating the inner circle with the exception of the caterpillar. Just a thought.
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