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Hope we have some, fans that is, also hope we have footballs games this Fall. This was set in a farms driveway. Thought it would be good for Wacky Wednesday.


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05/13/20 2:36 AM GMT
I know that they have plans for football. We will just have to see how it goes. I see someone has some spirit. Good capture Carol.
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05/13/20 6:13 AM GMT
Nice post for today, Carol.
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05/13/20 7:20 AM GMT
Here the favourite game is also football (soccer). The matches will start next week. I am also looking forward to watch games (on my monitor). Good post for this Wednesday Carol.
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05/13/20 8:42 AM GMT
It's a Wacky World at the moment...Games here are just about to begin soon...this is a reall good find for the Wednensday
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05/13/20 10:16 AM GMT

Carol, as 'foreigner' I'm not familiar with American Football logos, so I've checked-out this link in order to know which team was represented. If I'm right it's the Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin.

What was clear to me however is that the farmer is a big fan of this team.

Perfect one for Wacky Wednesday (W) !

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05/13/20 10:49 AM GMT
Well spotted I guess there is no doubt who they like. Lol!
I don't watch football, but used too. My all time favorite are the 49ers, back in the day when Joe Montana, was quarterback. tigs=^..^=
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05/13/20 5:35 PM GMT
A true Cheesehead Carol. They say there will be football. Time will tell. It's a good find and I assume you live in Green Bay Packer country. Probably a lot of Viking fans as well.
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