Smoky Snow  

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Uploaded: 12/08/08 6:53 PM GMT
Smoky Snow
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Photomanipulation in Photoshop Elements 2.0 of one of my own photos.

I meant to post this on the last day in November, but then I discovered my external hard drive had quietly failed with a number of my pictures. After that I wasn't in the mood!

I ordered Diskwarrior and used it to reclaim all my data from the failed hard drive. (DiskWarrior is for Macs only). The hard drive itself is still a write-off. I don't care, I'm just glad to get my pictures and other data back; have multiple back-ups of everything now, and Diskwarrior is keeping a stern eye on all my drives!

And I'm back in the mood to post seasonal wallpapers... blame Diskwarrior.


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12/08/08 7:29 PM GMT
Nice image, well done :-)
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12/10/08 8:35 AM GMT
Oh this is very nicely done! I love manipulations, and you got this perfectly. Very artistic use of tools and your photo. V
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Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for any age.
12/10/08 3:41 PM GMT
Well done my friend!:)
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Sharing the my love of art one inspiration at a time.
12/15/08 3:07 PM GMT
You know, I put a shot up here that had a similar effect and I liked it a lot, others, not so much. I think this one has a lot of character and I'm going to have to browse your gallery to see if there are any other shot that might give us something in common. Great post here.
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12/15/08 10:24 PM GMT
Here is an interesting technique and I like the colors and texture very much. It doesn't seem that there's really a point of focus and my eyes aren't sure where they're supposed to be going. There's a bit of pink down in the lower left corner I don't know what to make of and I get stuck there wondering. I'd like to see your technique on another image. This one isn't working for me. anne :-)
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There are tons of websites for uploading snapshots - photos of your neice, back yard, etc. "Caedes Man" did not start this website for that purpose. His intent was to offer a venue for folks to share artistic images that could be used as desktop backgrounds. Does anyone really want an out of focus shot of a dog for a desktop background? probably not. Let's share the good stuff and help others by telling them what's good or how to improve an image. We could all make Caedes a great site for everyone and use those other places for the snapshot sharing. A first rate family snap sharing website is FREE website to share all your snaps plus a whole lot more. Thanks for giving honest and usable feedback. Blessings to all, anne :-)

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