Icy Chill  

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Uploaded: 12/22/16 9:19 PM GMT
Icy Chill
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The flame for this was created in Apophysis and opened in Chaotica. Rendered to SL 17.88.

Based on the Spherical Plants Apophysis Tutorial by C-91; the same flame was used in Pluie de Joie.

Only one render was used in this, but the background was faintly tinted.

Software used:

Apophysis 7X 15D
Chaotica (Mac version)
Photoshop CS5

This render took 4d 20h which was unnecessarily long. I had no intention of leaving it rendering much above SL16, but stuff was going on and I lost interest for a while.

Not really sure what I think of this wallpaper. I think I prefer the first one.


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12/22/16 10:59 PM GMT
I see..

A perspective looking up through the fir trees into a night sky.


I did notice that you left some more space in the left-hand/upper side.

If you were to ask me.. my preference (on the note of visual weight/balance) would be for this creative incarnation for said-same reason.

The colour palette of "Pluie de Jokie" might have an edge, though.

Here is Tootle's other image that she is referencing:

"Pluie de Joie"

A suggestion..

Use the crackle plugin/variation that would produce the 'stars' or star-like effect.. to flesh out the 'night sky' some more.

... ...

I don't envy you the render times, though. Is this typical for Apophysis/Chaotica? Or, more a function of your particular pc makeup?

Nice work, again.


But, of course.. thanks for sharing your creativity with us.
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12/22/16 11:10 PM GMT
For my tastes I prefer this one, I enjoy the colors in this one even more. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/23/16 7:00 AM GMT
Lovely rainbow colors, but I honestly prefer the first one. Still, both are very nice and took a lot of work.
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12/23/16 3:57 PM GMT
Thanks for the comments. :-) I thought maybe people would have different views about which was best, which is why I posted this. I agree with Connie... prefer the other one overall, but that's because there's something more dynamic about it. It (Pluie de Joie) is a little soft and dull; that's what I don't like so much about it.

Oh, the render times.. that's really me being a fusspot! I think it's pretty quick really; you see the render appear right away on the screen, full size, and it gets better, then better again (repeated passes) and you can stop it any time you like... that could be in half an hour. Some renders are quicker than others.

It's best to give it time... though the longer you leave it, the less visible difference there will be. I could see no difference between the 4d render and the 2d.

:-/ Ooooooooops. I posted the 4d render anyway, just in case...

I think the developer said that the advantage of this rendering system is that you don't have it automatically cutting off before it's really ready. You cut it off yourself when you're happy with it.
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12/27/16 9:12 AM GMT
yes, like looking through a window outside of a colorful world in evergreen trees.
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Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

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