In the Distance  

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Uploaded: 11/02/06 11:52 PM GMT
In the Distance
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Apophysis Z+, tweaked in Photoshop CS2...Hope you like. Thanks for looking!


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11/03/06 12:18 AM GMT
Wow! The details and colors in this are amazing Wen! Extremely cool!..=)
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11/03/06 12:32 AM GMT
Amazing! This is beautiful Wendy. Top notch. =)
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11/03/06 12:34 AM GMT
Excellent design! I really like the bright colors.
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11/03/06 12:44 AM GMT
Good job and it puts me in mind of a close up look of some wild creature's hide while they're soaking in water. Great color combos and great imagination :)PJ
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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
11/03/06 12:58 AM GMT
Wow!! This is really cool. Great job Wendy!!
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11/03/06 1:45 AM GMT
Outstanding Wendy ! What a fabulous design & I just love your gradient ! Excellent work hon ! As always ;o) A definite for my faves .
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11/03/06 1:47 AM GMT
Super job Wendy, this is top of the line cool my dear.
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11/03/06 2:40 AM GMT
hi wen, the colors alone are worth the price of admission..nicely done.
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lately, i've fallen horribly behind in my thanks and comments. I'll catch up, but until I do, please know all your kind words are greatly appreciated.
11/03/06 2:58 AM GMT
It kind of reminds me of an octopus with those spore looking things....very colorful and creative..
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11/03/06 3:57 AM GMT
absolutely beautiful!!!
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11/03/06 4:05 AM GMT
Thank you very much, folks! I fiddled with a number of Photoshop filters in developing this piece and also tried rendering it in several different gradients. Glad to know you like it! Wen
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11/03/06 10:07 AM GMT
A Magic fractal..Love the Beautiful colors and the Fantastic design..Thank You..Love it..
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11/03/06 11:17 PM GMT
Creepy. The quality of the full size is not best, but I guess it's more than made up for by the unusuallness of the image... Creates a very unsettling illusion.
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11/04/06 12:26 AM GMT
An amazing creation Wendy!! Luv the angle and view!! Wonderful wall and lavish light play bouncin' around!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Why does the picture come out square when the lens is round??? 8~O
11/04/06 1:59 PM GMT
Beautiful colours and effects, very clever!
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"Love does not dominate; it cultivates." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
11/06/06 1:38 PM GMT
This is absolutely amazing. I love it and placing it into my favs. I love the ray and the design is just awesome. Excellent work
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11/06/06 9:02 PM GMT
You're the best.
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
11/07/06 9:44 PM GMT
Is it a Lochness monster? :-) It looks like a colorful skin of prehistoric monster - thanks water you made here as a special effect! i like it very much but a little bit to much light- it makes your wonderful image not so clean.Thanks for posting!
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11/11/06 4:29 AM GMT
Amazing piece .. love the light rays ... very cool final impact
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11/30/06 8:55 AM GMT
Hi , nice , great work ! I love it
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do it
12/11/06 11:18 PM GMT
Outstanding. Makes me feel like i'm in the belly of the beast... a beast that has a crazy rave party going on in his stomach :p
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I'm 17 and don't travel much. But I tend to bring my camera around just to catch what sticks out from my everyday goings. (pardon me if I speak my mind) *~* Gallery *~*
12/23/06 11:02 AM GMT
This is awfully wicked. It'll give me long pleasurable days looking at it.
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12/29/06 7:46 PM GMT
I came back to your site when I had more time. I really like this one and it makes a great desktop. You have a lot of great art…Thanks for sharing.
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03/18/07 1:41 AM GMT
Trippy, love the wall to water look to it.
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Everything has an equal, opposite and a random
03/21/07 8:21 PM GMT
i love the rays of light
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05/30/07 6:50 AM GMT
WOWSER!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this.
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09/05/07 3:41 AM GMT
Very creative i like it.
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04/25/08 2:29 AM GMT
A beautiful flame! Love the slanted aspect. The flood filter is a wonderful effect too!
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Some mornings it doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps...<br>Emo Philips<br>
05/14/08 5:36 PM GMT
All I can say is WOW - love it.........
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