when you dont wake up  

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Uploaded: 12/07/05 4:53 AM GMT
when you dont wake up
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just let me know your thoughts and enjoy:)


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12/07/05 11:51 AM GMT
I have no idea how you did it, and I like that fact! It's beautiful and mysterious!.
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~"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths" (Prov. 3:6).~
12/07/05 6:43 PM GMT
Mushrooms are mushrooms, any will do for me. Nice job!
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"Got Mushrooms?"
12/08/05 8:44 AM GMT
As haunting as this image is, it's the title that really does if for me. It makes me think this picture somewhere hides the secrets of life and death, and that if I stare just... long... enough... it will come clear.
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12/08/05 10:36 PM GMT
Probably one of the best images I have seen on Caedes. The colors, the light, and the overall mood it sets is really amazing. I would really like to see this without all the pixelation.
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12/08/05 10:38 PM GMT
I love it, the colors are my kind of colors, too bad it get pixellized in bigger format though.
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12/09/05 2:25 AM GMT
yes i am sorry about the pixelation the original was about 654x491 pixels. I had to enlarge the photo to at least 1600x1200, but hopefully everyone can still make use of it.
Thanks so much for the comments!
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"One love, one heart Let's get together and feel all right" -Bob Marley
12/09/05 3:21 AM GMT
Hauntingly beautiful, but strangely eerie at the same time. Very unique, Great job!..=)
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01/03/06 6:24 AM GMT
The title gets me; it's such a beautiful image, but then you read the title and it just makes it so much more! Really stunning, it's fantastic even in its smaller form.
Good work!
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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"-Plato
01/12/06 6:37 PM GMT
Lovely work from you in this abstract. Overall design works well and of course got to love the mushrooms. They are always a pleasure to see in images. Lovely job.
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
01/22/06 12:30 AM GMT
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"this wouldn't be who it was, if it wasn't who it is"
02/03/06 8:57 PM GMT
I love how mystical and unreal it is. You really have gotten good at these mushroom manips. (say it out loud for the full effect). You do your best work when you blend fantasy and photography, so keep it up. :-)
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Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and you get rid of him all weekend. - Zenna Schaffer
02/28/06 3:25 AM GMT
Wow! This image is top notch. I love the colors, and design. Never sleep while dreaming! =0)
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03/16/06 3:18 AM GMT
this is a very nice image. I only wish that it wasnt so pixelated.
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~Casa Rocks are soo awesome
03/23/06 5:59 PM GMT
Wow-- Very unique!! Looks like some lava lamp action morphed with magical mushrooms!! -- very nice!! Incredible depth and coloring....
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04/29/06 6:50 AM GMT
Hello.....This creation draws forth a picture from the edges of the imagination. Filled with strangeness and delight...".Your work is fresh with emotion and ideas."....Well done....All the best....Mick.
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05/02/06 12:28 AM GMT
Gorgeous - like a mix between a painting, a photo, and a lightning storm. You do great work!
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look but don't touch, touch but don't feel, feel but don't like, like but don't tell...
08/21/06 4:21 PM GMT
Looks to me like an undersea fantasy and the lightning is rather unique to.

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Dont get up on my account, just relax take it easy live care free....ohhh come now dont be scared....not just yet, I'm on a mission....
03/14/07 5:52 PM GMT
This is a really interesting and sort of ominous at the same time. Beautiful colors used and the images are unique.
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09/06/07 5:38 AM GMT
i did a rework on the 1600x1200, let me know if its ok to post it whitewidow
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09/12/07 10:31 PM GMT
Ethereal and dreamlike. Good job.
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10/17/08 1:31 AM GMT
This makes you think about one thing: Is that where we go after we pass on?
Great image :)
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11/14/08 5:40 AM GMT
Have you ever seen The Tenth Kingdom? There's a part in it with talking mushrooms, they convince you to drink the swamp water, which puts you to sleep, then they smother you with vines. This reminds me of that scene
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