Alaskan Sunset  

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Alaskan Sunset
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I recently discovered an interesting landscape generator named Terragen. As you can see it can make some pretty realistic scenes. The best part about it is that the free version is still very powerful. I'd suggest trying it out.


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07/05/02 6:37 PM GMT
WOW! Thats so realistic looking, except for the clouds. Could you do a sunset from the Golden Gate Bridge by the way? I tried, and its really hard getting the perspective right and stuff. Thanks
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07/06/02 4:12 AM GMT
That's one tight image. And I like Ryanr's idea about the GG Bridge. That would be cool. As I have no artistic talent whatsoever, I cannot draw it. :) So anyway, nice picture, and I love the site.
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07/10/02 3:25 AM GMT
Vow! I have never seen to Alaska in zhe U.S.A. In Deushland we have very much suns like zis one! Not as nice as zis thoh.

Katty A. Gafulanke
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07/10/02 3:30 AM GMT
Zis is Katty agan. I wanted just to sey zat I am very really sorry about my gramor. I just now are learning english. Sorry

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07/15/02 1:38 AM GMT
WOW- Very Nice
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08/06/02 2:57 PM GMT
That ter. software produces some really nice images. Good job.
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03/26/03 10:08 AM GMT
This is realy nice! by the way, what program are you using when you do all your work?
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Nessecity is the mother of invention.
03/26/03 11:14 AM GMT
This one was just a quick render in Terragen.
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04/09/03 11:18 PM GMT
absolutely heart warming...
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06/08/03 10:32 PM GMT
one word.... AWESOME!
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07/07/03 3:52 PM GMT
thanx a lot! It just amazing!
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08/17/03 12:39 AM GMT
Ya'll need to go back to school..... Got Dat, cause zis is da ting ta do!
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08/20/03 3:06 AM GMT
its very nice! :)
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09/04/03 8:07 PM GMT
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09/09/03 10:19 PM GMT
Love it
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09/30/03 8:46 AM GMT
beautiful sunset....looks really awesome!
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10/04/03 5:58 AM GMT
Nice work!!!!! Looks beautiful....absolutely BEAUTIFUL...Nuff said :)
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10/04/03 11:46 AM GMT
Great work, love the fact that you only used a few colours
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10/15/03 2:51 PM GMT
very very nice
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carpe diem
10/20/03 11:32 PM GMT
Looks awsome, the only critisim i have is the clouds look slightly wrong (like they are completly flat). But that is just being picky.

Awsome Photo realistic picture
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11/07/03 9:34 AM GMT
seeing as how I am from alaska myself, I would have to say this is very realistic. I have seen a few places that look very similar to this.
nicely done.
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12/12/03 7:02 AM GMT
very good, I like the how the reflection is not over done... good water
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12/15/03 8:16 PM GMT
thats really pretty...great color
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:::::The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.::::::
02/08/04 7:55 AM GMT
Great on my 1600x1200 uxga lappy screen
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03/05/04 1:53 AM GMT
very nice pic i luv it
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04/05/04 5:34 PM GMT
Love the Gold, think i may just use this as my backdrop!
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04/13/04 6:19 PM GMT
Beautiful natural sunset and clear,clean compositional style. Reminds me of when I used to use a warm tone filter to affect the color in photography.
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10/21/04 7:51 PM GMT
Absolutely excellent
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01/28/05 10:48 PM GMT
OMG, if I didn't take a real close at this and see the clouds i would have thought this was a picture of home. Looks just like the view on your way to soldotna from anchorage.
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02/15/05 10:21 PM GMT
The only negative comment I have is that the clouds are too flat and a bit to ridged.
Other than that...great!
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I'm unique...just like everybody else!
04/09/05 1:53 AM GMT
I tried to work Terragen, and to no avail; I will stick to learning photography.
Tip my hat to all who work this program out! The colours in this are really nice.
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I'm walking on sunshine! AcrossTheWorld
05/19/05 12:31 AM GMT
Clouds could use work, but I LOVE the colors. Good job!
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05/19/05 3:53 PM GMT
This is beautiful! Thanks for the tip on Terragen. I just downloaded it and am going to check it out (I'll take free software anyday. <G>) Wendy

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09/23/05 3:15 AM GMT
"I'd suggest trying it out"

I bet you wish you'd never said that sometimes...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion- Visit the new improved
10/08/05 3:38 AM GMT
this is wonderful! it does look real. the calm water and the yellowy sunset really pulls it all together. good work!
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10/10/05 8:47 PM GMT
Looks wonderful. I thought it was a photo at first look, very realistic. good work. :D
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"If your guitar is out of tune, sing out of tune with it" -Kurt Cobain-
01/25/06 12:21 AM GMT
wow, how did you pull that off? I have been trying to do stuff with terregen for a long time but I have never really been able to get such awesome results......thanks for sharing!
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Carpe Diem and take those photos!
05/16/06 9:40 AM GMT
Mediocre at best
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07/19/06 11:04 PM GMT
Wow beautiful picture. Good work. =DD
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01/26/07 2:48 AM GMT
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01/02/08 12:03 AM GMT
I like the color tones in this image and the clouds are awesome looking. really completes the image. I have never visited your gallery before. First time for everything!
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
08/26/09 9:08 PM GMT
Hey, this is really nice! I like the mixture of the warm sun with the cool snowy mountains....
I also hadn't browsed your gallery before, but i reckoned i ought to visit the gallery of the awesome dude who thought of Caedes!
Thanks for sharing!
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