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Uploaded: 10/17/05 3:03 PM GMT
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Uploaded for broken rules contest. It's important to know that there is no significant cropping from the original photo (only a small amount to match the upload dimensions). My subject was the texture and folds of the skin, not the giraffe itself. Even though I broke some key "rules," I think it's still a pleasant picture to look at. Rules broken - cropping, centering the subject.


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10/17/05 3:24 PM GMT
Good idea and nice capture of the texture and unique pattern of the skin of this animal...Good Luck in the contest.:Pat.
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10/18/05 8:52 PM GMT
Hmmmm. Also a little "poochy" in the tummy. Wonder if you've got an extra rule breaker here? lol Neat idea. Got my attention.
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10/19/05 6:30 AM GMT
Hehe! This one catched my eye directly, Brett. Nice texture too ;-)
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10/19/05 9:12 AM GMT
Good idea, I wouldn't have thought of it. I like the contrast between the reddish brown giraffe coat and the green in the background.
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10/19/05 12:52 AM GMT
So far my favourite in the contest. Congratulations. Somehow it drew my attention right away.
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10/19/05 3:12 PM GMT
Thanks for all the comments and thanks to Piner for the clever contest concept. I probably would've never thought about uploading something like this, but the picture's starting to grow on me ;-)
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10/20/05 12:39 AM GMT
great idea actually.. really clever.. it breaks the rules but looks great!
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10/22/05 10:46 PM GMT
I like it! It made me smile. It's almost like the giraffe is just too tall and gangly to fit into one computer screen! Very fun.
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10/23/05 1:08 AM GMT
It's the only way you could get the texture, pattern and folds in the shot well enough to study! It breaks just about every rule there is but the interest level remains so high that it works beautifully as an image. My favorite so far!
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11/01/05 1:43 AM GMT
Haha! I couldn't figure out what in the world it was until I read the title...ok, so I'm being sarcastic! Your title made me laugh. Max marks for that alone.

Also, great capture and original compo. I can't say I would have thought to decapitate the poor animal, but it gives it an interesting twist!

Hope you do very well! Max marks from this viewer!!!
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11/05/05 9:33 PM GMT
If going for texture and and musculature of the giraffe, I would have gone a step further and maybe just shown the curve and folds of the neck along with the top of the leg.
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11/20/05 2:20 PM GMT
congrats on ur winning entry :~) nice subject & execution
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11/24/05 7:24 AM GMT
Well done Brett, I had hoped this would place highly in the contest.
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05/12/06 9:53 PM GMT
a headless animal!!!! run for the hills!!!
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07/03/06 12:21 AM GMT
Nothing to lose your head over ya know!
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01/11/09 5:54 AM GMT
lol i love the comments on this one :)
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