Helen, GA  

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Uploaded: 11/14/10 11:42 PM GMT
Helen, GA
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Helen Georgia, a tourist place, German atmosphere. Taken with iPhone 3GS


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11/17/10 6:38 AM GMT
Hi Andy,
Beautiful colorful picture, shame about the lantern in the middle, but sometimes it's there.
The tall grass in the foreground gives a nice depth.
nicely done.
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11/17/10 6:53 AM GMT
A nice capture of these lovely looking buildings. Good lighting and clarity in your photo. Lovely colours.
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11/18/10 7:39 AM GMT
A very colorful shot. Seems like a very interesting place to visit. The slice of roof on the right could be avoidable.

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Be free - use Linux
11/18/10 9:19 PM GMT
Bright and cheery image. Maybe jockeying for the best position would lend you a perfect crop on the PC, dunno. Thanks!

- Mike
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'Let's eat Grandma!' or, 'Let's eat, Grandma!' Punctuation saves lives...
11/20/10 2:32 PM GMT
Looks like a fun place to check out. Great shot with your iPhone.
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11/20/10 5:18 PM GMT
Just passed through Helen yesterday.. They now have the Christmas decorations up. Looks very pretty.
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