Praetor Fields  

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Uploaded: 02/10/04 7:58 PM GMT
Praetor Fields
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I came up with a technique to make these cool looking contours. Let's see who can figure it out. =)


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02/10/04 8:17 PM GMT
Looks like contour lines on a topographical map Caedes...I like it :)
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"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." ~Confucius
02/10/04 8:45 PM GMT
Time ago caedes, great work..

"let's see who can figure it out. "
I don't know exactly how to explain in english,
but if u get a image, wich size is 2 by 4 pixels.. (for example) And u zoom in to it,
add 4 different colours, and then resize it to a bigger resolution.. u get some pretty overlapping colours....

But I don't think this is what u meaned ;) that's to easy to do :p

I give it a try to someone else....
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02/10/04 9:08 PM GMT
Nice image. Looks like some kind of weird finger print on top of some frosted glass. I think a praetor was a sort of magistrate or judge, so I don't know if that is some sort of clue.
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02/10/04 11:44 PM GMT
oooh :o very nice i like it very much, lovely choice of colours & frosted effect, works well with the thick contours : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button = {D
02/11/04 12:28 AM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous! I haven't a clue as to how you did this...I only wish I had. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/11/04 12:59 AM GMT
Caedes makes his comeback... :-) It isn't going to take you long to get back on that front page with this stuff...

Let the challenge commence!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/11/04 6:15 AM GMT
This is awesome!
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02/11/04 1:00 PM GMT
I think the contours would probably make for a nice tutorial.

On a side note: enough kissing ass already! =) If I was commenting on this image then I'd say that the contours are a nice effect, but the frosted glass filter is featured way too much (since it's really easy to ridicule people for using filters). Then I go one to explain one way the the frost filter could be replaced or toned down, but I'm having trouble thinking of something specific since I've already spend a few hours trying.
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02/14/04 7:48 PM GMT
Beautiful! The overall appearance is appealing, but the added texture is what really makes this special.
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03/27/04 10:19 PM GMT
Nice mix colour and good texture.Really fluid
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04/10/04 2:50 PM GMT
reminds me a lot of the Newtons Rings effect you get with oil mounted scans sometimes which is kind of ironic as they are the last thing you want to appear on a scan but here they are making a nice artistic background. nice job.
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
04/11/04 9:15 AM GMT
I like it,very colourful.
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Wonderful world...
04/20/04 5:44 AM GMT
Makes me think of a rave (or a disco for you grey haired members) going on, on the other side of a glass door. :c)
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The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from an artist is to make him ruin his work. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 1832)
04/20/04 12:24 AM GMT
I think that's the best interpretation yet. =)
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04/23/04 5:51 AM GMT
Ooohhhh, Ahhhhh.... Master Caedes... ;-)
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"To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it." -G.K. Chesterton
05/04/04 4:58 AM GMT
Very nice.Looks like the glass from the front door to the L.S.D. detective agency.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
05/09/04 10:44 PM GMT
Makes my desktop look textured in those groovy colors.Almost want to touch it!
Fantastic color scheme, easy on the eyes.Thanks
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06/02/04 10:08 PM GMT
You say you maybe have used too much of the frosted glass filter, but i like it this way, i don't think you exaggurated (my spelling is not all that) with it. Just right for my favs/desktop, but you really will have to make a tut about those lines, i can't figure it out, they look very nice!
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O_o o_O
06/02/04 10:30 PM GMT
I already did make a tutorial for the lines! It's somewhere around here I think...
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06/08/04 3:38 AM GMT
This appears to be your most recent post Caedes, did you post the tutorial under some different username?

If I had to guess I'd say that you used a freehand selection to copy that swirly pattern out of the original image, then pasted it back as a new layer, darkened or desaturated it slightly and maybe made it partially transparent. It's a nice effect whatever you did, looks good as a finished product. Cool piece~
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06/08/04 5:03 AM GMT
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06/09/04 12:58 AM GMT
Great pic, colours are fantastic.

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07/18/04 2:25 PM GMT
Good image caedes. I like the texture of the background. It reminds me of shower door glass! I especially like the lighting effect. Well done!
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"Even a fool is thought wise when he keeps his mouth shut."
09/03/04 2:30 PM GMT
Superb texture and colours. I would have faded the contour lines at the edges maybe or added some glowing effect to them to blend them in or make them appear ethereal. Again with the frosted glass, maybe add an image mask with some cloud filter to again give some blending. That's being picky though.
Very nice work :o)
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Hey, I'm the visionary, you come up with the nuts and bolts.
10/06/04 2:33 AM GMT
The texture is actually pretty nice. Metallic looking. But the colors might bee too much to have as a desktop. I like the contour however...nice touch.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." - Chinese Proverb
12/20/04 10:38 PM GMT
it's so pretty! like a rainbow being stirred with oils or something - you know how oil looks when floating about. anyhoo, me like it.
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08/21/05 11:57 PM GMT
Very cool! I love the colors and texture of this one, very soothing. : ] 10/10
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"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix
01/26/06 6:50 PM GMT
I really like this one....nice and shiney...the lil swirl things remind me of finger prints.. wonder how it would look without them?....anyways still love it.
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04/02/06 6:51 PM GMT
I really like this. The colors and blends along with the feeling of movement. The glassy look works as well. Kinda reminds me of the pizza I put into the blender then microwaved. I am a safe microwaver...I took it out of the blender came out like a big pancake. Nice work on this.
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03/10/07 2:32 AM GMT
Well, I couldn't criticise you for using the frosted glass filter really because I've never heard of it. Presumably a PS thing? Used it for about 5 minutes several years ago to edit a signature. Don't own it, don't use it. Can't afford it!

I can see the glass texture knowing that's what it is, but it also reminds me of wet sand. Coloured in this case, but made into all those little ridges by the tide that has just gone out. If you lay down and looked at it with the light shining down, it would reflect off the wetness and you might get something a little like this. It certainly looks glossy when the tides just gone out. However, the contour lines would have to be the major ridges and that doesn't work because they don't have enough depth. The contours look more as though somebody is projecting a boring part of an Ordinance Survey map onto a 3d surface. It would be interesting to see them be more 3d - more like a model showing contours than a map.

Interesting this way, though. Don't know how you did it. Will have to peek at the tutorial.

Probably mandatory to say I like it, so just as well I do because I wouldn't say so otherwise.

- cfr
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01/16/09 2:15 AM GMT
very 60s. sweet
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