Salt and Pepper  

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Uploaded: 07/19/05 2:04 AM GMT
Salt and Pepper
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My parents were visiting me for the weekend and I took my new camera everywhere we went. I took this while waiting for lunch. I thought the reflection of the overhead lights off of the shakers and onto the table was very cool. (IMG_235)


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07/19/05 3:36 AM GMT
I like this. Very simple but there is still enough to look at with the pattern on the table and such. One thing i might point out that isn't perfect is the top of the salt shaker is slightly overexposed. Other then that awesome shot.
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07/19/05 3:48 AM GMT
I think that the overexposure might not have been as apparent if I had taken more care in adjusting the contrast in Photoshop. I'll go back and look at that.
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07/19/05 4:29 AM GMT
seeing as how ive become a fan of minimilism (is that a word?), i really like this.. the off-centered approach works well.. very nice texture at full screen..

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07/19/05 2:16 PM GMT
looks good, never would have thought to take a photo of such a thing :)
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07/19/05 4:59 PM GMT
What a neat idea.. I love that tabletop.. What I find that really stands out, are the rays around the base of saltshaker.. Without your slight over-exposer you wouldn't have gotten such clear rays.. All round nice image and great desktop..
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07/27/05 3:14 PM GMT
Very interesting and appealing shot. I agree with Ann, the table top pattern is nice. What is your new camera?
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07/28/05 6:11 AM GMT
It's a Canon A520.
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08/09/05 12:58 AM GMT
wow caedes, i honestly didnt think you posted anymore. This is really nice though, nice lighting and composition
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10/04/05 6:47 AM GMT
The composition, subject and lighting are all good here (although clearly not appreciated by the majority of caedes members). I am a fan of minimalistic artistic shots like these. Personally I think a greater DOF would have been better, the top of the salt shaker being out of focus lets it down a bit.
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10/10/05 12:14 AM GMT
Hmm.....I like the lighting, wierd for a desktop sight, placed it on mine and it doesn't look all that bad! Nice work.
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10/11/05 7:37 PM GMT
very interesting. lol but i like it
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12/06/07 12:46 AM GMT
Nice...To me, it's a salute to some of the standardized things you see just about everywhere...but never really stop and think about them much...Into the favs, I've put this...
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04/02/10 6:07 PM GMT
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06/01/10 12:11 AM GMT
I really think this is a marvelous capture and I also agree on the great reflections. Superb image
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06/01/10 12:51 AM GMT
It is a really neat artisitc shot. I agree with you that the light-play is good. Not spectacular, but it's leaning in the right direction. When moments like this come up, it's good to shoot many times, many ways, from many angles, allowing lighting and position to create the art our eyes might not otherwise see. I love the textured or mottled tabletop that compliments the salt and pepper shakers. The composition is very good. I would just have liked to see more drama, more "pop." anne =D
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11/09/10 6:11 PM GMT
That's pretty cool Mr C
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10/28/11 6:55 AM GMT
This is still one of my very favorite images on the site puts a smile on my face every time I see it come up on the right of the page.......I love minimalism photography.....good job :o)
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