Gig Foofies 28  

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Uploaded: 11/17/17 9:42 AM GMT
Gig Foofies 28
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This image was taken on July 13th, 2017 at the yearly folklore event (inclusive a gig ride event), in Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands.

If you like to know more about a gig ride event, please read the narrative THIS ONE.

It's my Foofy Friday image.


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11/17/17 11:04 AM GMT
Lovely arrangement...Nice one...R.
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I wish I was a Glow Worm, a Glow Worm's never glum, 'cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?
11/17/17 12:31 AM GMT
Must be a lot of work goes into the design of these floral arrangements. This is a gorgeous one. Nice capture.
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11/17/17 1:14 PM GMT
Beautiful, and a perfect presentation my friend. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/17/17 4:46 PM GMT
Such beautiful colors and a nice arrangement of them. Very good one for this Friday.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
11/17/17 7:31 PM GMT
The flowers really dress up the buggies SEA.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/17/17 7:59 PM GMT
This one seems to jump off the screen at me Mr. C. - think perhaps it's the superb framing.
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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus
11/17/17 8:24 PM GMT
A beautifully arranged combination of dahlias, roses and sunflowers to grace the back of the carriage - A fine image Cornelius - Great Capture!!!!!!!
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11/18/17 12:26 AM GMT
It does grab one's attention, beautiful flowers and nice work on the presentation!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/18/17 12:54 AM GMT
Like the way you framed and presented this C excellent stuff.

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The reason why the sun sets in the evening is because it wants to see the sunrise in the morning. I rise in the morning because I want to see them both. RvdB
11/18/17 8:17 PM GMT
Lovely and colorful. Flowers are always so beautiful.
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11/19/17 10:31 AM GMT
very lovley. a colorfull capture
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11/30/17 12:42 AM GMT
Mind blowing beautiful - such gorgeous array of beautiful flowers - downloaded and favd
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